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The 6th 6th one

March 8, 2009

A few days ago Melf @ Word of Shadow passed on the torch for the blogger meme to show the 6th – of something. It seems to have mutated a bit from what I can see, although the number 6 is still in there.  I do recall at some point it was the 6th picture in the 6th folder in the pictures directory (assuming you have one), somewhere it was either mutated to or from screenshots (or both).

Before going to the pics I’ll tag a few more to do their thing with this meme if they fancy: Welsh Troll, Zoso &  Melmoth and Van Hemlock.

I do have a fair amount of pictures in the regular Windows pictures folder, although it is a a bit of a mixture and there are also pictures elsewhere. But to stick to the pictures filder in Windows (or Bilder as it is called in Swedish) I first picked the 6th folder and the 6th picture in that folder, regardless of content. 


Al Ain souk area

Al Ain souk area

I took this picture among a number of others during a weekend visit to Al Ain, a city in the south-eastern part of United Arab Emirates, close to the Oman border. A bit over a year ago I was in UAE working for 5-6 weeks and this picture was taken in early January as I recall. Not perhaps a quite exciting view to take a picture of some signs, but it relates to a cultural aspect that I found interesting.

The signs are for ladies clothing stores, but not the ladies fashion boutiques one might find in the West, but rather for the traditional outfits, such as the whole body dress abaya. The store windows could have mannequins just like clothing stores here, but when everything that is shown is black whole body outfits, it makes for a slight cultural surprise initially. But really clothes are clothes wherever you go, so it should not really be surprising that there are stores for whatever people may be wearing.

These were in the traditional marketplaces though; if one goes to any of the modern shopping malls the selection of stores looks just like in any Western mall, including fashion boutiques. If you want to experience something more traditional when visiting the region, the malls are the last place to go to.

Switching from just any picture to game related pictures, I then changed to pick the 6th folder of game-related content (pictures and movies) and pick the 6th file there. That ended up being Guild Wars content and a picture I used in one of my previous posts:


Big Bad Guys

Big Bad Guys

This is a picture from the Gate of Madness mission in the Nightfall campaign in Guild Wars. It is the second to last mission where two of the adversaries are the main bad guys from the previous Campaigns; Mr Undead Lich from Prophecies and Mr Shiro Tagashi from Factions. The last mission is a bit more epic in its nature (beat a god), so I guess it is reasonable to have some previous bad-asses as a warm-up.

This was probably the mission I spent the most time on before actually completing it. I lost count on the number of times and hours I tried this one solo (i.e. with heroes and henchmen only) and I got close to beating both gentlemen, but not quite. I became fairly good with beating all the content up to these fellows though, but it took a bit of time to get there each time and if you wiped, you had to start over from scratch again.

 A team consisting of a few players from the Tuesday Noob Club during a Tuesday session took care of this plight though. Despite the difficulties or perhaps because of them I did quite enjoy this mission – thinking of different strategies, different skill sets or heroes/henchmen to use. It is a great element of the Guild Wars game that I wish more MMOs would pick up. Chronicles of Spellborn is in a way in the same spirit, but with a quite different approach.

Well, that were my pictures for now…

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