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The chef and the alchemist

February 22, 2009 2 comments

Pursuing multiple crafting skills in Runes of Magic, in particular those that rely heavily on the same type of resource, can get grindy.


Using the grinder to make sand out of the ore

Using the grinder to make sand out of the ore

I have been pursuing cooking and alchemy and I have leveled both to 20, which is the end if the first tier for crafting. But this is the end of the line for one of them – it is just too much resource gathering of herbs to keep up both of them.
I decided to continue with alchemy in the end. Alchemy recipes typically has typically has 3-5 crafted herb items in them, which means 6-10 resources for a regular recipe and 36-60 resources for a rare recipe. Alchemy also needs ore as part of the recipe, but that usually amounts to just one crafted item, i.e. 2 resources. On top of that there are the production runes and the containers to keep the potions in.

With just one crafting skill and two harvesting skills I expect progression to be smoother. However, there is a matter of concern in general for the crafting and that is the amount of items needed to be crafted to level the skill.

Initially, crafting an item gained 20% per level if the recipe was at the same level as your skill. But this gain has decreased as the levels increase and in the late teen levels the gain has only been 5-6 % with the recipe at the same level as the skill. If that increase of the number of items to craft per level continues, it may not be worth the trouble to level any crafting skill – too much grind.

But for now my character is focusing on being an alchemist and we will have to see where it ends.

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Progression in Taborea and the cost of convenience

February 22, 2009 2 comments

Looking back now after a few weeks of playing Runes of Magic on and off, a few thoughts comes to mind.

First of all is the “free to play” terminology. I do not really like that one, because the games are not free – in the end the developers and publishers have to get paid for their efforts and they will preferably also make a profit on the game. This is no different from subscription-based games.
A slightly closer description would perhaps be “free to grind” (F2G), but that does not always hold true either.

You pay for content and/or convenience. In Runes of Magic, there is not really much of epic content, at least not what I have seen so far. There are plenty of enemies which are tougher and which you need a team or perhaps a raid to deal with. But that is just harder, not epic.

So the game is in my mind more about spending a bit of casual time in a fantasy setting every now and then. What becomes more important then is a suitable progression rate for the time spent. And in here I think is where Runes of Magic will make its money. It is perfectly possible to progress in the game without spending any money whatsoever. But, and that is a significant but, if you do not spend any money at all it will certainly become a grind.

Ignoring the quality of quests (for now), the progression though questing I think will not be quite enough to support leveling 2 classes for a character with the default progression rate. Hence there will be grinding mobs, grinding daily quests, unless a player more or less ignores the dual-class system (which some do). It becomes F2G.

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