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Aslan Valley, crafting and outfits

February 15, 2009

As my rogue+priest combo is advancing I picked up some new rewards for quests and got a complete set for the Silverspring outfit set (leather edition), which gives a rather nice look. The original colour was pretty much turquoise, which I did not quite like. So I changed the colour of the pieces in the outfit to dark, almost black ans with some red.   I have bits and pieces for other outfit sets also, but I will wait with those and keep them around to see if and when I might use them as I collect more of them.

Rogue primary with Silverspring leather and priest primary with Vantis cloth

Rogue primary with Silverspring leather and priest primary with Vantis cloth

For the priest side I bought some pieces of the Vantis cloth outfit set. All pieces except the crown were quite reasonably priced on the auction house. It seems that for normal dropped items headgear does not start to appear until around level 30, so selling something for the head that can be worn at level 15 might get a bit pricey I guess. I did end up buying the crown yesterday though. The shoulder pads on the picture are not part of the set, they were a drop I added and changed colour on to fit better.

I spent a fair amount of time on my gathering and crafting. While one can select all gathering and crafting skills for the first tier (level 1-20), doing so will amount to a lot of time spent gathering resource to level up the crafting. I decided to focus on two crafting skills, plus continue with the three gathering skills. My crafting focus was on the two producing consumables, cooking and alchemy. In hindsight that may not have been the best choice from a gathering perspective.


This gentle fellow will 1-hit kill anything or anyone that tries to fight him. And so will his brother. And he can heal.

This gentle fellow will 1-hit kill anything or anyone that tries to fight him. And so will his brother. And he can heal.

Each crafting skill will have recipes which may be slanted towards some type of resource, i.e. recipes will use more items of that type of resource. For both cooking and alchemy that is herbs. This means I have to gather a lot more herbs than I have to gather other resources. I get more than I need for crafting from ore and wood (the other two resource types), but have to spend more time to gather herbs.

Fighting the deadly tree...or rather, gathering some wood

Fighting the deadly tree...or rather, gathering some wood

Consequently my herb gathering skill is significantly higher than the other two gathering skills. It was also the first to hit level 20, the max level of the first tier. At that point no more leveling happens while gathering until you talk to an instructor for that skill, which will give you a quest to complete. For the gathering skills it is quite easy, just gather 20 of the common level 1 resource.


My crafting skills are still in the mid-teen levels, so I do not know what will be required when they reach 20. At teen levels the crafting recipes start to include production runes.  These runes drop fairly often from mobs, so to a large extent one may have enough already if they have been saved for the crafting recipes. If not, they have to be bought. One choice would be to look in the auction house if anyone was selling and second to check the cash shop, where bundles of 100 production runes of each type is sold. I think the price was 15-20 diamonds.

As my character reached level 20, most of the quest content in the Silversping area was done, except for some Forbidden Abbey quests. I moved on to the next area, which was the Aslan Valley. Mainly lush forest and lots of critters, but I have yet to see any lions.

Some blueish humanoids were among the first encounters in the area, perhaps descendant from dwarves. The usual boars were there, plus some hairy frogs, live fungus and and lots of ant eaters. Later also some goblins were encountered, as well as ents. It also continues with a lot of kill X quests. There is a lot of quest items to be collected here for daily quests. Some I cannot find a daily quest for yet, I guess that might appear when I get to a higher level.

Lots of people in the area and regular calls to fight bosses or go to some instance. The main outpost here seems to be the village of Silverfall. Starting to do questing here I noticed that many of the rewards I got had a higher level requirement than where I was at the moment, even if I were on par with the level of the quest. This is pretty nice I think, since you may collect a few reward items and other loot drops and then decide later what may be useful.

I do think I have run into at least one bugged quest here, which may have been borked by the latest update. I see a number of people besides myself that have the same problem and the relevant item (Lajos Halka’s manuscript) is nowhere to be found in the mine. But apparently it has worked before, but now there is nothing to be found where quest guides indicate it should be.

But overall the quests have worked fine though and there is a huge amount to be annoyed about, although there are a lot of the “kill X” ones – a bit too many. Critters are plenty though, but it can get a bit repetitive.


Any bets that the developers might have read some work of J.R.R. Tolkien?

Any bets that the developers might have read some work of J.R.R. Tolkien?

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  1. February 15, 2009 at 13:26

    Between you and Saylah, I’m really considering giving this game a try.

  2. February 15, 2009 at 17:45

    Your “some red” looks pretty pink in that picture. Given the waist piece and the frills up top, it looks a bit like Pretty Princess Sentenwolf: Angelic Slayer.

  3. February 15, 2009 at 18:08

    Lol, I did not change the priest outfit – could not change the pink parts there. Only the larger white and grey/silver areas could be modified in colour.

    The “some red” part is for the rogue outfit to the left, the stripes on the jacket. That part looks red to me at least 🙂

    I would have liked longer trousers on the priest also. But the princess trick did not work out, mobs hit me anyway – no manners at all 😉
    I considered changing the colour of the whole outfit, but that will be around 50-60 diamonds to change it and the pink will still be there, although could probably be less visible with a darker colour.

  4. February 15, 2009 at 21:04

    Hey, we’re the same level and going for the same crafting. I’m very undecided however, about cooking. Since neither of my classes benefit from magical damage buffs, making food I can’t use and doesn’t sell right now is tedious. When I scan the AH and compare the two, there are considerable more potions that would be useful to me than there are food. Also my Monk (Priest/Warrior) gobbles down mana pots when doing group healing. If that’s going to be the norm then I really must produce my own potions to offset the cost.

    The leveling is the most carefree of any game I’ve played to date. Multiple ways to get to the same point – take quests and follow them like a guide, grab quests and kill opportunistically aided by the mini-map indicators or grind freely and then turn in items that appear as part of daily quests.

    I did my first raid-level instance which was rather brutal trying to main heal. I was on the low side and didn’t have the spec or stat build for it. With all the different avenues for building your spec (talent points, gear and stat enhancements) is easy to mess up being aligning yourself for a primary role. I’m making changes as I can and the wide range of options keeps it very interesting.

    @Tipa – the only thing I think EQ2/WOW/LOTRO players have to overcome is the direct comparison to polish. It’s not as polished as those games. The importance of that to you may impact your enjoyment of ROM.

  5. February 15, 2009 at 23:37

    I think I will go for alchemy in the end as well. While food buffs can be nice, the consumption can be rather low and only enhances the general performance a bit. The potions are certainly more handy for challenging moments. And the gathering boost potions were useful for me for ore and wood, since they are a few levels lower than my herb gathering.

    My game time ends up being a mix of everything – kill mobs for a quest, gather resources, gead to village to to craft, just wander around and see what is behind the next corner and fight stuff that comes in the way.

    I think if I would go for any boosts in terms of gaining points it would be a tp boost. More tp and same xp, means more powerful skills at any given level. The Font of Talent talismans were rather nice for that.

  1. February 17, 2009 at 13:16
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