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Aslan Valley, crafting and outfits

February 15, 2009 6 comments

As my rogue+priest combo is advancing I picked up some new rewards for quests and got a complete set for the Silverspring outfit set (leather edition), which gives a rather nice look. The original colour was pretty much turquoise, which I did not quite like. So I changed the colour of the pieces in the outfit to dark, almost black ans with some red.   I have bits and pieces for other outfit sets also, but I will wait with those and keep them around to see if and when I might use them as I collect more of them.

Rogue primary with Silverspring leather and priest primary with Vantis cloth

Rogue primary with Silverspring leather and priest primary with Vantis cloth

For the priest side I bought some pieces of the Vantis cloth outfit set. All pieces except the crown were quite reasonably priced on the auction house. It seems that for normal dropped items headgear does not start to appear until around level 30, so selling something for the head that can be worn at level 15 might get a bit pricey I guess. I did end up buying the crown yesterday though. The shoulder pads on the picture are not part of the set, they were a drop I added and changed colour on to fit better.

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Chronicles of Spellborn has a new tutorial

February 15, 2009 Comments off

Recently The Chronicles of Spellborn had a new update of the game released. One of the major changes in the game was a new tutorial. The feedback the developers had received was that the old one was perhaps leaving a few things to be desired.

I would have to agree with that. The old tutorial made too many assumptions about players figuring out or knowing how to play already.

Does the new tutorial do a better job? I would say that it is a definite improvment in a number of ways.

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