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Lord of Magic City of Runes and Heroes Online

February 12, 2009 2 comments

This weekend I had some game time spent in three games, City of Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online and Runes of Magic. The latter two has the fantasy setting and the “kill ten boars” type of quests in common, while the first and last have a quite casual feeling in common. 

In City of Heroes I decided to play my controller Frieda and found when logging on one of my in-game friends that do not play so often being there. We decided to team up and he brought one of his favourite characters at the moment, a werewolf type tanker at level 11.

This picture has nothing to do with City of Heroes

This picture has nothing to do with City of Heroes

Soon after teaming up I got a tell asking if I wanted to join a group of other 43s (Frieda was level 43). I said that I was sorry, but was already temed up with a friend playing a low level character. And the response was “bring him along also if you want, we have space for more”.

And this is one of the great things about this game – both that the ability is there for someone at a low level to easily team up with high level characters, but also that the community is often supportive for that type of team play. No arguments about have a specific profile for the character or being at a specific level. The more the merrier is rather the attitude often and which is one reason I really like this game.

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Chronicles of Spellborn patch 1.0.2 goes live today

February 12, 2009 4 comments

It seems that it is finally time for the next update of The Chronicles of Spellborn to go live. Threre seem to be a lot of fixes according to the patch notes.
I did see that the quests that have been bugged for me have been fixed, which is nice to see. Also there are more menaces added to the world, which means that Tiny Tyke will have some more fellow player harassers spread out in the world 🙂
(Menaces are pretty much tough and hostile named mobs, wandering around in various areas).

There is also an entirely new tutorial, which I think is great. The previous tutorial was a bit weak, especially if people were unfamiliar with game specifics of TCOS, but also with MMOs in general. I will certainly create a new character to try it out – maybe I will learn something more 😉

I did not see any explicit comment about spawn rates for some mobs (which has been perhaps a bit too high in some places) – this will be an important factor for player enjoyment, I think.

With this release done I hope there will be some more progress on the release of the game for the rest of Europe and North America. I also hope that they will actually get rid of the ridiculous IP-blocking scheme – at a minimum I hope at least each continent can play together, but preferably there would not be any restrictions where you could play.