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The time of crafting with encyclopedias

February 7, 2009 3 comments

In Runes of Magic crafting is going through a few phases:

* Harvest resources
* Make items from resources
* Loot recpies only: Make other items from items
* Make target items from created items from recipe

Each step, harvesting a resource or creating an item all seem to go on a roughly 6 second timer to do each task, i.e. harvest 1 resource or create 1 item.

To gain levels in a crafting skill one has to craft items; preferably with the highest level recipe available.
Making items from resources and crafting items can only be done at certain locations (not necessarily near each other), which means there are some travelling involved also. And number of resouces needed may be counted in the hundreds for each type.

Luckily it is pretty easy to find resource nodes. But it may still take quite a while to gain levels and it can get grindy.

In the item shop there are something called encyclopedias. Reading from the text description it seems that they may provide an alternate means to gain crafting levels (or weapons skill levels) in your house.

I decided to buy an encyclopedia to see what it was all about. The encyclopedia lasts for 30 calendar days. If activated in your house, your character will start to study the book, which will cause a progress bar to appear. This bar seem to run on the same 6 second timer as the other gathering/crafting activities. For each run it will increase the skill with something in between 0.00% and 0.03% of a level.

Those are not high numbers; if you let it run continously for about 1 hour you may gain 7-8% of a level. That is very slow, still much slower than going out gathering, crafting etc, including travel times.


Studying was much more fun in Real Life

Studying was much more fun in Real Life

I am actually ok with that – if it were faster than normal crafting there would be a lot of people studying in their houses instead. Even though running the study of the encyclopedia can make watching paint dry seem reasonably fun in comparision, some people would still do it if there was a faster gain.

However, I do not like this system though because of one thing – you still have to be online with your character! If the whole study part would be an offline activity that you could set your character to do it would be much better and also feel that the encyclopedias were worth buying.

But forcing the character to stay online – that is just silly. It is of course possible to minimze the game and continue do something else; assuming the computer can handle that. That is, if there weren’t a bug that seems to crash the game if being minimized for too long…

The scenario where I could think this could perhaps be ok is if you will travel away for a couple of days or weeks and you are ok with having the computer running and online during that time. But in most other cases I think it is a waste of money.

Unless you really like watching paint dry.

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