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A weekend on the Isles

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With the Double Reward weekend in City of Heroes/Villains during thsi past weekend, I decided to head back to the Rogue Isles again for a bit, after mainly been focusing on the Paragon City side of the game lately.

While the double xp, influence/infamy rewards are nice I think my main enjoyment out of such event weekends is that there is more people around that want to team up.

While I did not see any of the old friends that left the game earlier I did run into a number of nice people and this was the main enjoyment of the gaming weekend. As a bonus of course the progression is quite quick.

I started off a bit on Friday evening after getting back from work in Finland with Vortex Blast, which turned out to be a bit higher in level than I remembered. Fairly quickly I joined at team with a mixture of level 43-45s and a level 47. Everything was running smootly with our highest villain’s mission until we got to the mission “Defeat Statesman“. Now Statesman is not just any ordinary superhero (which there are plenty of in this part of the world), he is more the superhero on the good guys side. 

Vortex Blast chilling in Grandville, with Singularity and Fortunata pets

Vortex Blast chilling in Grandville, with Singularity and Fortunata pets

Strengthened by our recent successes we of course decided to tackle Statesman on the highest difficulty setting. That he might be 4-5 levels higher than most of us was not a big concern … at the moment. Before getting to Stateman though we had to deal with the cops in the surroundings of Atlas Park, i.e. the PPD (Paragon Police Department). At this level cops generally tend to be of the Ascended type, being a bit more supercops. Although no match for a team of suppervillains of course.  

Next part was the troop of Longbows which were surrounding Statesman himself. The first attempt was slightly confusing and we pissed off Statesman at an early stage.  After we dealt with the Longbows only Statesman (level 49 hero) remained and this is where the difficult part of the mission started. It initially seems to go reasonably well, although he did seem to have a tendency to single out one enemy from time to time and go after them and he kept runnign around quite a bit, which made it a bit difficult for some. At some point when his health was fairly low however, it started to increase again slowly even though everyone continued to beat on him until he was back at full health again. And then the cycle started again – his health was lowered for a while, only to see it rise again.

After a couple of rounds like that two of us decided to get some level 50 villain to help a bit more. I went and picked my Fortunata, because frankly my dominator was pretty much useless, being 5 levels lower than Statesman. This time it worked slightly better, but we still did not get him down enough and his health started to rise again. One more team member brought a 50, but then people started to become a bit tired of it and it was discussed to lower difficulty. Eventually the mission were reset twice and Statesman was reduced to a level 48 hero.

This time around it worked out better and after some fighting we managed to defeat Statesman. At this time we had spent more than an hour on this fight, so everyone was happy to have completed it and move on to something else…

Statesman goes boom, really, for sure this time, promise!

Statesman goes boom, really, for sure this time, promise!

This was probably longest fight with mostly one hero to fight that I have been in. While there was not really any xp involved here since I switched to a level 50, it was pretty fun – although it got a bit frustrating after a number of his regeneration cycles.

I played a bit more on Friday, but most of the play time continued on Saturday, basically a number of shorter sessions throughout the day. Most of the missions were familiar, but there were also some new missions which I had not done before, which is quite nice to see. In particular a couple of missions involving fighting Nemesis’ army were quite enjoyable.  

Not all time went to play Vortex Blast though; there was also some time with a number of the other villains which I had not played for a while. Doing that was a bit of a mixed blessing – a few of them reminded me of why I had not played them for a while… 

Overall it was quite enjoyable weekend and I started to get some new ideas again for new villains and themes to create. The problem is though that for many of these ideas, the villain may end up aborted after a while unless I find some regular teaming – which will likely be difficult with the current job situation unless it will be a weekly event during the weekend.

In the end it was a pretty fun weekend. Vortex Blast reached level 50, becoming my 5th dominator to reach max level. With my lowbie dominator Niefelheim being at 41 now and being great fun to play in teams, it may still perhaps happen that all dominators will reach max level.

Niefelheim ready to trash the corridors of Oranbega

Niefelheim ready to trash the corridors of Oranbega

It is good to be bad in the Rogue Isles.

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