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Some info about Mission Architect

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There is a forum thread in the City of Heroes/Villains US forums that contains some details about the next City of Heroes/Villains issue 14 – Mission Architect. Have a look at the Mission Architect knowledgebase thread.

It is interesting to see that they will allow people to gain xp through these mission, but no other rewards expect points for a new system (“skeeball tickets”).

Also each account will be able to create up to 3 story arcs (up to 5 missions in each) – unless they get the attention of the devs or get voted into Hall of Fame, which allows for more mission arcs to be created. It sounds like a nice way to avoid too much garbage missions and reward good missions.

A map designer is not included, but one will be able to pick from around 1000 different maps – that is probably pretty much what is in the game today. This also confirms by assumption before that maps are not generated on-the-fly in the game, but rather created manually from common building blocks.

Mobs will spawn at the predefined points in the maps, although I would guess that there will be some option on where to place the different custom bosses/enemies/allies that are part of the mission.
Unfortunately there will not be any assaults or triggered events in this release.

Mission data can be saved offline and edited there, which is quite nice. Apparently also the level of the players can be changed for each mission also – not sure how that would work with the xp.

Either way, interesting to read a bit more info about the Mission Architect and I can’t wait to play around a bit with it – both to perhaps try to create missions and play other people’s missions.

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