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Viking and Ghost weekend

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Currently I am in Finland working during the weeks, so I only get back home for the weekends. Which mean not much playing. I did squeeze in a short stab at LOTRO to take care of some of annoying quests (ok in short sessions), but mainly I played a bit in City of Heroes.

First off was with my ghostly controller, Frieda. She is currently in her low 40s and have started to run around on Peregrine Island, a zone for levels 41-50 on hero side. Initially I decided to pick up the exploration badge in the Founder’s Falls Safeguard mission, since I had that one lined up. 

Running Safeguard missions tend to be short affairs often – get in, head to bank, defeat the bank robbers, get out. Sometimes the team you head in with wants to stick around because there are a number of mobs to gain xp from. While I usually tag along if the team wants to do that I still prefer to do missions that follow some story rather than just “grind” mobs. To me the exicting part of the Safeguard is in the beginning, before the timer starts. So this time I was solo and simply beat up the baddies, searched anf found the exploration point for the badge and headed out.

While I just picked up a Carnival of Shadows mission from a new contact, I received a tell if I wanted to join for the Imperious Task Force, or itf as everyone calls it. I have run this task force a few times, but only with a couple of my villain characters. It is a fun task force and doing that one for the first time with Frieda sounded like fun, so I jumped in.

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