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Done with 2008, onward with 2009

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Now 2008 has come to and end and with that this blog has been around for about 1 1/2 year. As with many other bloggers I write this because I feel I have to write something about my gaming interest – if people also read it or even comment on it that is great.

The number of posts for different categories reflects reasonably well what I have been playing. In the top City of Heroes/Villains, Tabula Rasa and Guild Wars all get roughly the same amount of posts.

During most of the first half of the year Tabula Rasa was the main game I was playing and for the second half of the year Guild Wars has been the most played game. In between there City of Heroes/Villains have been present, but except for 2-3 months when Issue 12 was released it has been my “second MMO”. Those months did see two characters created and reached max level in the game, which is by far the fastest I have done it in any game. A big part of that can be attributed to the boost in xp that big teams get in City of Heroes/Villains and on top of that if the teams consist to a large part of epic villain archetypes it can simply go very fast in terms of leveling.

Tabula Rasa was a great game to play for a long time, but it had its issues and when pretty much everyone else in my clan had left the game my interest in playing evaporated also and I cancelled the game in September. I do not feel bad for leaving the game, nothing lasts forever. I do hope that the people involved in creating the game got some experience from it that they can bring into their next projects.

Guild Wars was a game that I pretty much bought soon after release and I had also played a bit in the beta of the game (2 weekend events pretty much). The game did not capture me during the beta and it did not capture me later. Still, I bought both Factions and Nightfall when they were released and tried them – still lost interest after a few hours.

But I had another go at it in the summer and this time I got hooked. I think it happened to be the right time to get into a game like Guild Wars at that point – Age of Conan had been a bit of a disappointment, Tabula Rasa was not so exciting anymore and I was tired of the more regular MMOs out there. Allowing myself to discover the game properly I saw that there was really a great game and started to understand why it was so popular.

I have played a few other games also, but not to the same extent as the “big three” during 2008. I wrote a few posts about Age of Conan and a couple of posts about Chronicles of Spellborn. There were also a number of games I tried out briefly, but never posted much about. That includes Shaiya, Requiem: Bloodymare, Pirates of the Burning Sea, my regular return to Anarchy Online, Lineage 2, Exteel, Dungeon Runners, EVE, Runescape and perhaps a few others that I do not recall now.

Except for a link from Massively for Chronicles of Spellborn there has not been any huge spikes in views, but sometimes have gone up slightly when there has been a link in some forum or some other blog, or auto-generated by WordPress as a possibly related post. Judging from WordPress statistics a fair amount of views seem to have come from searches.

Looking forward to 2009, to me that year is potentially more exciting than 2008 in terms of new games and updates. I never played Warhammer Online and I have not played any World of Warcraft expansion either. These titles were not particularly interesting to me, so there was not so much in 2008 in my view.

In 2009 there seem to potentially be a number of titles that may be released, like Jumpgate Evolution, Champions Online, Fallen Earth, Earthrise, The Agency, perhaps DC Universe Online and some others. I find most of these more intesting than the titles that were released in 2008. And I also am interested in seeing Issue 14 Mission Architect for City of Heroes/Villains.
Being a Guild Wars convert nowadays, if ArenaNet would happen to release Guild Wars 2 during 2009 I would jump at that directly.

My gaming choices pretty much favours games that allow relatively quick and short game sessions and not too heavy investments and committments time-wise. So I hope that most of the games that will appear in 2009 will support that.
My real life work sometimes can result in travelling, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot – it all depends on where the work is and that depends on which customers that my employer wants me to help. Most of the time that should be in Nordic countries, but may extend to other parts of Europe or even beyond that. This causes all my free time at home, including gaming, to be somewhat irregular. Comitting to regular schedules or appearances in games is sometimes not possible.

If you have read this far, thanks for reading my new year ramblings and best wishes for the new year – may you have some good times in the games you choose to play!

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