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The illusion of control

December 28, 2008 2 comments

On the villain side the dominators has been responsible for much of my play time there. It is my favourite archetype in this game. The combination of crowd control and damage dealing has been a very appealing, combined with the domination power. With 6 dominators and a total of 280 levels I have found that an enjoyable archetype to play.

Hero-side it is mainly the Controllers (or trollers for short) that handles the crowd control, but instead of damage dealing they have more support abilities. My highest hero is also a controller and I have had a lot of fun playing her also.

She was created a bit over a year ago and is an illusion/radiation controller (a popular powerset combination). Inspired a bit by a ghost story I heard on a vacation to Iceland, I named the character Frieda and tried to give her the look of a ghostly little girl. The illusion powerset seemed to fit quite well with that character so that choice was easy. Radiation was picked mainly because it seemed to be a useful powerset.


Frieda with Phantom Army and Phantasm

Frieda with Phantom Army and Phantasm

The illusion control powerset do have a number of powers that match well with the ghostly theme, from the Spectral Wounds damage power to the various “pets” such as the Phantasm, the Phantom Army and the Spectral Terror. The Phantasm is a ghostly creature which sends blasts to damamge the enemies and sometimes creates a cloned decoy of himself to get enemies to attack the decoy. The Phantom Army is a set of three masked invulnerable characters which can jump in for a short time and output some good damage and attract the anger of the enemies. It is an excellent power to pick up an alpha strike from a group of mobs. Spectral Terror is a screaming ghost which causes fear into enemies in the area.

Frieda is now level 39 and is by far the highest hero I have in the game (compared to at least 10 level 30+ villains, of which 4 are at max level). While the damage doen by Frieda herself is quite miniscule and smaller than any dominator, the “pets” do compensate for that and provide some decent output. In fact I would feel safer trying to handle elite bosses solo with Frieda than any of my dominators, mainly because it is easier not to be the main target of agression. In group, especially large ones I still think I prefer dominators though.

It will be interesting to see what the higher level content on the hero side will provide. I must say that I have found the content to be a bit better when higher levels are gained than on the low level side.

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