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Surviving Elona

December 19, 2008 7 comments

A while ago I decided to try out monking a bit in Guild Wars, i.e. the healer role. Monk was pretty much the only profession I had not played yet, so it was time to try it out anyway. It worked reasonably well in beginning and also when Dunkoro and the other monk heroes were added. But to be honest I think it was not possible to split up the responsibilities so well with the heroes. With Dunkoro being a healing monk per default I focused a bit more on the protection monk path when levling up. Around 11-12 I did think of that the monk had not died yet, which was a bit worrysome. Last time I noticed that on a character it died soon after for the first time. But with a monk obtaining the survivor title should be easier than with other professions, at least with some support of other heroes. So I decided to try for real this time to get the Survivor title (i.e. no deaths until max level 20). With some hero support and the fire imp for added fire power in missions/quests the path to the title became easier. Since I had already done the leveling in Elona twice before it also helped to know where potentialy tricky/deadly spots could be in different locations. It was actually not until I had about 90 points left to level 20 that I got into some serious trouble when I ran into multiple mandragor groups popping up in the area and my monk was down to a sliver of health before escaping… Calming down a bit and going to a bit safer area to get the last few points the goal was finally reached and the survivor title in place!

Got the Survivor title

Got the Survivor title

I have no ambition at this point though to go further in the survivor titles (i.e. Legendary Survivor) – reaching level 20 without deaths is good enough for me. Now is the time to focus more on practising monking rather than surviving mainly (although survival helps if you are monking). I am not quite comfortable still with clicking around with the mouse in the party window to select members – I tend to loose track of the mouse pointer sometimes. Playing protection focused monk do seem more interesting in that one should be proactive rather than reactive. But time will tell.

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