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Cyndr became wurm-bait

December 14, 2008 5 comments

Cyndr the Mountainheart spits fire no more.

Lately I have spent time in the Guild Wars Eye of the North expansion with my ritualist, Tarixus. One of the motivators here has been to be able to obtain the Norn ritualist elite armor set; most of the other armor sets did not feel as if there were enough improvement or interesting difference above the regular armor options.

Playing through the three different paths (Ebon Vanguard, Norn and Asuran) were of course quicker this time than previously with my necromancer Selene.

So yesterday I got to the point were Selene is still stuck, the Heart of the Shiverpeaks quest where the final battle is with Cyndr the Mountainheart – a big fire-spitting worm with a very thick carapace for protection, which also tend to regenerate when removed.

Life stealing is one way to bypass the carapace issue and that I had previously tried with Selene, Livia (necromancer hero) and some added monk and ranged ranger damage . Unfortunately these attempts had been futile, partly I think because the hero/henchmen team set-up did not handle the path through the dungeon that well.

This time around it was time to add ritualist spirits into the mix. Spirits bypass armor with their damage and after a peek in the wiki, this seemed to be valid for Cyndr as well.

Normally I have played a mixed build with my ritualist Tarixus, both offensive and defensive skills. But this was now changed to a bit more offensive build.

  • Spirits: Bloodsong, Shadowsong and Pain
  • Ritual Lord to reduce recharge times to summon spirits
  • Painful Bond to increase spirit damage (might not have had any effect on Cyndr through)
  • Spirit Boon Strike to do damage and heal spirits at the same time (did not use it with Cyndr)
  • Spirit’s Gift for condition removal and minor healing

In hindsight not all of this might have been that useful with Cyndr specifically, but might have been more helpful for the journey to Cyndr. For hero support, Dunkoro (monk), Olias (necromancer) and Jin (ranger) was brought along – Olias with some life stealing and Jin with some poison and interrupt skills + added damage.

Henchmen included Mhenlo (heal monk), Lina (protection monk), Aidan (ranger) and Zho (interrupt ranger).

Travelling down to the Heart of the Shiverpeaks and through the dungeon levels was a quite smooth ride and barely any deaths happened. With 3 monks though it should be smooth.

Getting down to Cyndr’s dungeon it was time to test the spirit approach. Cyndr appeared a bit away from the entrance, so the team was left by the entrance and then Tarixus ran in to place out the spirits, with a bit of space between them and close enough for them to attack Cyndr. Then heroes were moved in, placed more or less at the same locations as the spiritsm, with Dunkoro in the middle. Then the rest of the henchmen a bit on the side. Now Tarixus part mainly involved to resummon spirits whenever Cyndr killed them. He did get hit by Cyndr from time to time, as were the others – but never enough to kill in one shot and the damage was healed and handled.

Cyndr’s carapace still held of course, but its health were dropping. When the health was below half and all in the team were still alive and kicking I started to have some hope that this might actually work… And this time I did not get disappointed, Cyndr’s health continued to drop and finally it went down! That was exciting, I have tried and failed a few times fighting Cyndr so it was a good feeling to finally beat him – although not with the original character.


Cyndr is down

Cyndr is down

The spirit approach did really work quite well. I had expected more deaths and pain and did not have that much hope that it would work, but still wanted to try and test with spirits. It was good to see that it worked out well.

Next on the agenda will be to fight the Destroyers together with a bunch of stoned dwarves…

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