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Route off, route on

December 12, 2008 Comments off

Today’s network access at home did not start out so good. After about 15 minutes the connection was lost. It turned out that the router had broken down and was completely dead. It was a fairly new one also, only 2 months old.

Since the evening was still early I packed up the router, dug out the receipt and headed over to the MediaMarkt store where I bought it. I did not have too much hope of a quick resolve, but the service personnel was very nice to deal with and within a few minutes I had a paper which I could exchange for cash or use to buy something else. So I picked up a new router (and a slightly different model) and set it up at home.
The installation wizard for the router is annoyingly slow and got confused with my network adapter set-up, so I skipped it. Not really needed anyway and configuring the router was quick and easy through the admin web page and the home network was back in business again.

The whole thing took less than 2 hours from breakdown to everything up and running again, probably shorter if I would not have bothered with the installation wizard in the first place…

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