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Is Spellborn released in my area?

December 7, 2008 7 comments

Go back in time about 3 weeks – around that time I thought The Chronicles of Spellborn would be released in 11 countries at November 27th-28th according to the web site.

Go back in time about 1 1/2 week – around that time I thought The Chronicles of Spellborn would be released in 3 countries on November 27th and 8 countries on December 5th. The change was due to a slip-up from publisher Mindscape who could not get the game boxes out in time.

Present time: Spellborn was released in Germany on November 27th and in 4 countries (France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands) on December 5th, according to the tcos web site.

There is no mention of the remaining 4 countries for December 5th date; Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. At first I thought, maybe someone slipped up and forgot to mention them since there were no announcements of any delays. And they only mentioned Germany as the country the game was released in the week before, which would be another mistake.

I registered at the web site and selected to subscribe to the game. Everything works fine up to the point of payment, which on gave a response of “not authorized”. Trying multiple credit cards and different time intervals (1, 3, 6 months) and different browsers all gave the same result.

I could still start my game client (since open beta), get it patched up and play the free2play setting, so I have played a few levels. But actually being able to pay for the game has not been possible.

So maybe the omission of a few countries in the announcement was not a mistake. I try some Swedish web sites that sell games and come up empty-handed, save for one site. I.e. only one of the web sites actually produced some result when searching for Spellborn- and that site listed the game release date as 2nd quarter 2009…

I try to go to the web sites for the alleged publisher Mindscape and search there and also come up empty-handed – no hits at all for Spellborn.

Some games have issues with big launches where the software may be buggy and unstable, or the servers cannot handle the initial load of players.

In this case the game actually seems to work pretty well and at least for the universe I selected to play in, there was no big chunk of players in the starter area. Instead the problems seem to be to actually let people play and pay. And how many of the people in the starter area have paid or will pay for the game?

Hopefully there will be some announcement or correction about the state of our countries up here in Northern Europe and that they may accept my money at some point. But right now it seems I will have to pass on this game for a while.