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Spellborn release details and more delays

November 26, 2008

Some more details about the somewhat European release is up on the RCOS web site. It seems that November 27th will be the release date for 3 countries, with a fourth country in the day after and an additional 7 countries a week after tha, on December 5th. For anyone that wants to try the downloadable option that will not be available until December 5th.

The delayed release for the 7 countries (Benelux + Scandinavia + Finland) seems to be the fault of publisher Mindscape and which have failed to inform Spellborn people about this delay.I don’t mind waiting another week and I feel sorry for the Spellborn people if the publishers behave like this, covering up their problems until the last minute.

Not a way to build confidence and to some extent Spellborn will take some of the heat for that. This is the first time I recall see that Spellborn actually also points fingers towards the publishers. I think they at this point may be frustrated and perhaps a bit annoyed with a number of issues that may be due to issues at the publishers, but they are taking the heat for it in their forums. I feel sorry for them and hope it will work out better eventually.

  1. November 26, 2008 at 22:54


    The developer is zero to blame except for their choices.
    That may not be their fault either.
    They had to take who was willing to distribute the game, and if this is the best they got, that is pretty sad.
    If no publisher is willing to take a chance on a new property …then no wonder we get games like WAR shoved at us.

  2. sente
    November 26, 2008 at 23:19

    I think that part of the problem here may be that these companies (or their management) may be from an offline game publisher, or game development background – not a service company background.

    Understanding what it means to be a service company foremost is something that some of them may have problem to get a grasp on.

  3. November 27, 2008 at 02:00

    Too bad for the game over all. I gave up over lack of information last year. Now doubt about service from the US publisher just adds more disinterest. I’ll definitely let a few months of live release for US players go by before I deciding if I want to even be bothered now.

  4. sente
    November 27, 2008 at 07:38

    Yes, the game deserves better than this; it is unfortunate if publisher actions (or lack thereof) drives away potential players.

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