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Mr Tagachi lost his job

November 25, 2008

I have not written so much about my play time in Guild Wars lately, but I have been playing when work allowed, which has mainly been during the weekends in the past few weeks. Primarily this has been with my Ritualist (Tarixus), who has been trying to save Cantha from the evil master Shiro Tagachi.  He has definiately become a favourite along with my Necromancer and I have quite enjoyed going through the Factions storyline.

I have seen comments about the Factions campaign being considered the weaker one. In terms of delivering the main story I think I would agree with that – I found it to have a number of pieces which did not quite fit together for me.

But on the other hand I think the landscapes that the story has taken the team through has been great, I think that is a quite strong part of Factions. Well, except perhaps some city areas.

Anyway, today was the time for the final mission, Imperial Sanctum, where Tarixus and his team were to fight Shiro Tagchi in a direct confrontation. This turned out to be a bit tricky, which is what would be expected from the finale of the story. 

Fighting Mr Tagachi

Fighting Mr Tagachi

There is only one enemy to fight in the mission and that is Mr Tagachi himself. Or rather it should be, but it seems that Shiro occasionally summons a construct by using one of the henchmen in the team; the construct gets the same profession as the henchman. Fighting Shiro while having a constuct around was not ideal, so whenever it showed up Tarixus and his team tried to destroy the construct and release the henchman that had been bound there by Shiro.

During this time Mr Tagachi of course took the opportunity to regain some health. One particular devastating part was when Shiro started floating in air in some Lotus-type position, which followed by a substantial damage to the whole team. Initially I tried to pull the team away from Shiro when this happened, but this turned out to be a very bad idea. The longer he sits in that position, the higher damage on the team afterwards.

The problem was not only to avoid getting wiped by this attack, but also to enough damage fast enough. My initial builds were a bit mixed with damage output and healing and some additional healers. But instead more success seemed to be to increase damage; to avoid that Shiro regained too much health and quickly destroy the constructs. After a number of attempts I did get some builds that seemed to work reasonably good; health of Shiro did go down quite a lot.  I had quite a few attempts where his health was quite low before the whole thing went sour.


But after a good number of attempts Tarixus team did finally get his health down to a barely visible sliver of health and with a final push he was terminated! He then turned to stone (jade?) and the celestial envoys cam e to bring him down to the Underworld.

The whole excersise took at least 2-3 hours. Given that it only takes a few minutes for each attempt it was quite a few attempts. That was much more manageable than fighting Shiro in Nightfall though, where it probably took around 30 minutes just to get the opportunity to fight Shiro.


Celebrating the victory over Shiro

Celebrating the victory over Shiro

After the victory the team and Tarixus was celebrated by the Canthans and the visitng henchmen and there was quite a long walk with different people and groups that the team met during the story, all cheering for the heroes that defeated Shiro…

Even the emperor himself congratulated the team and started some fireworks display to celebrate. And then the emperor started to dance and we all joined in in the party mode 😉


Fireworks at the palace

Fireworks at the palace

With this completion I have now done all of the three game campaigns, although with different characters. And the expansion campaign (Eye of the North) do still remain as well. However, I have not found it a problem to find things to do in Guild Wars – there is plenty of things to do and while there certainly was an “I win” feeling for completing the Factions campaign there is still no feeling that I am done with the game, far from it.

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  1. November 25, 2008 at 02:54

    I found that doing the Factions campaign was a lot easier after I had completed the Nightfall campaign. It helps immensely to have heroes in your party, especially if they are decked out. I’ve got 7 PvE characters, which have all completed different parts of the Guild Wars universe. The only character I’ve completed them all with is my monk.

    I can still log into Guild Wars and find some kind of PvE to keep me entertained for hours. The hard mode is awesome fun if you think you have some skillz to exercise. I did the Ascalon mission ‘Defend the Wall’ on hard mode with Melf_Himself the other day and we wiped 6 times trying. Each time we swapped some skills around and went back in more determined. We would both classify ourselves as GW veterans, yet still the game managed to throw curve balls at us. I’ll never tire of Guild Wars, it’s the best game I’ve ever played.

    Nice work on completing Factions 😉

  2. sente
    November 25, 2008 at 07:28

    Yeah, I started to play a bit of hard mode for the early Nightfall zones, it was quite fun to try and have it scaled up to be a bit more challening than usual.

    It is really a very good game which provides a lot of opportunities for playing.

  3. November 25, 2008 at 14:10

    Well played! I hate Shiro, cheating overpowered godmoding megaboss! Easily the harshest mission of the whole lot, I found. Mind you, I have heard that its actually a bit easier solo, as he’ll never banish the only player in a solo team, which helps a bit.

  4. Sardu
    November 25, 2008 at 14:31

    Well done, and nice write-up of the experience.

    I absolutely agree with your observations on Factions as a whole – the story doesn’t come across all that well in places, but on the other hand some of the visual elements are among my favorites in the Guild Wars series as a whole. I also didn’t expect to enjoy the Ritualist as much as I do, but they’re one of my favorite classes overall (and also ended up being what I played through the majority of GW:EN with first)

    As for the fight against Shiro, I’ve found the key is to have a high amount of interrupts in your party combined with area attacks and heals since Shiro likes to move around quite a bit etc. I think the quickest I defeated him was on my Ranger, using a Ranger and Elementalist Hero. Both Rangers used degen / interrupts / Healing Spring and took him down in well under a minute with the added Ele. damage. Fun fight! 🙂

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