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Mr Tagachi lost his job

November 25, 2008 4 comments

I have not written so much about my play time in Guild Wars lately, but I have been playing when work allowed, which has mainly been during the weekends in the past few weeks. Primarily this has been with my Ritualist (Tarixus), who has been trying to save Cantha from the evil master Shiro Tagachi.  He has definiately become a favourite along with my Necromancer and I have quite enjoyed going through the Factions storyline.

I have seen comments about the Factions campaign being considered the weaker one. In terms of delivering the main story I think I would agree with that – I found it to have a number of pieces which did not quite fit together for me.

But on the other hand I think the landscapes that the story has taken the team through has been great, I think that is a quite strong part of Factions. Well, except perhaps some city areas.

Anyway, today was the time for the final mission, Imperial Sanctum, where Tarixus and his team were to fight Shiro Tagchi in a direct confrontation. This turned out to be a bit tricky, which is what would be expected from the finale of the story. 

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