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First peek into Spellborn

November 23, 2008 9 comments

Yesterday and today I have played a bit in the open beta of The Chronicles of Spellborn. As such this is just basically a few first impressions and observations about the game.

Installation was pretty straightforward, client download was a bit more than 3GB and the installer ran fine. Upon loading the game it started up in Windowed mode, 1024×768. The first choice is to select the universe to play in – for the open beta six were available, all international and a 50-50 split for PvP and PvE universes. I choose a PvE universe here.


Archetype selection

Archetype selection

Then it was time to create a character. First was the choice of archetype, which is either Warrior, Rogue or Spellcaster.  I started off with a Spellcaster.

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