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The slate will be wiped

November 21, 2008

Today NCSoft announced that they will close down Tabula Rasa at the end of Februari 2009. It does not come as a big surprise, early this year NCSoft did say thet they would give the game about a year and that it would have to make about 8 million USD for that year, which was their break-even point for operating the game.

Tabula Rasa has not quite made those numbers. I’m sorry to see the game go away; I played it in beta for a while and about 7-8 months from release and to large extent I did enjoy the game. But there were some annoying issues which never got fixed and pretty much everyone else I played with disappeared after a while. But given the less than stellar inital results I do not think they had that much resources to work with in the first place in the past year and they did some quite nice things in some updates. 

WIth NCSoft operations focusing more to the region near ArenaNet in the US I guess the people that have worked on Tabula Rasa may be at risk of losing their job or relocate, I guess. Not a nice situation to be in, so I hope that works out.

For those that want to try the game a bit before the end NCSOfts says that the game will be free to play from January 10th 2009 until the end.

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  1. coppertopper
    November 23, 2008 at 09:10

    I wonder if this means GW2 will. Be given a higher priority and more resources. I’d really like to see that game or at least evidence it’s still in the works.

  2. sente
    November 23, 2008 at 20:44

    There was an interview at Ten Ton Hammer recently with ArenaNet’s writing team lead Bobby Stein: http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/49166.

    ArenaNet has more than 150 people working and seems to be hiring more also. With less money on other projects I do think they will allow GW2 to take the time and resources it needs to get it right.

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