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Making a career in Cantha

November 8, 2008

After taken one character through Prophecies and another one through Nightfall the next story that came to mind was the Factions campaign.  I had already started playing Factions with my Elementalist, but since most of the focus had been on other characters and campaigns the experience had been a bit chopped up and I was  a bit unsure about the state of the story.

The green goo yeti is down

The green goo yeti is down

So before continuing more I decided to try out some other primary professions and then decide what to continue with. What came fairly natural to try out was the two professions that were specific to the Factions campaign, Assassin and Ritualist.

Assassin is of course your rogue type guy/gal who makes surprise attacks, perhaps afflicting various conditions on the enemy during the attacks. They can do reasonable amounts of damage, but are not well armored. It became quite clear that assassins do not have the good options for taking on an alpha strike; there must be some other players/heroes/henchmen to be the primary target of enemy aggression. 

Playing the assassin is rather fun, but I wasn’t sure if it would something I would like to play for a long time.


The Ritualist was also one profession I decided to try out again. I had created one a long time ago, but never got more than a few levels with it. This time I would spend a bit more time with the profession.

A Ritualist is basically a kind of Shaman which can summon spirits to perform various activities – damage dealers, healers, protection etc. They also have a mix of various defensive and offensive spells to cast, many which can be more potent when certain conditions are fulfilled.

The Factions campaign starts on Shing Jea Island which pretty much is the newbie zone; it is a quite beautiful place and reminds about mountain areas in Japan or Korea. The actual storyline of the Factions campaign also starts here.  While I did a few side quests that was not too many I did and at the time I had completed the Zen Daijun mission I was around level 11-12 and could now go to the mainland and Kaineng City.


Uuuh, Havelock... There seem to be some Destroyers on our tail...

Uuuh, Havelock... There seem to be some Destroyers on our tail...

At the mainland the environment is pretty much set up for characters at max level – the henchmen you can get are all level 20 and most enemies are 20+. Being the weakest link in the team would be a bit challenging, so for both Havelock and Tarixus I decided to follow a different path for a bit while getting a few more levels.

Both of them took a tour to Kamadan in Elona in order to do some of the quests there to enable heroes. While Havelock continued up to Eye of the North after that, Tarixus went on with some more quests in Kourna.

I had played both Havelock and Tarixus up to the late teen levels. At this point it was clear to me that of these two professions I liked Ritualist much better. So I decided to put Havelock on hold and continue with missions and quests for the Factions campaign. After doing some local missions in Kaineng City and helping my old newbie island teacher Master Togo with the plague that caused so much trouble.

This lead to the city outpost of Vizunah Square. This is also the entry point for the mission with the same name. The mission is a two party mission, meaning that there are two separate teams that play in the mission at the same time. The goal of the mission is to locate the sounce of the plague in Kaineng City.

The first time I played this mission was with my Elementalist. At that time I had no clue that it was a two party mission; when the second team joined forces within the mission I just thought it was some additional NPCs… It was not until much later when I checked the sequence of the missions in the campaign on the Guild Wars wiki that I noticed that it said “2 party mission”.


One of many fights in Vizunah Square area

One of many fights in Vizunah Square area

It took two attempts to complete the mission. There are many attack waves fromt he afflicted creatures and somwhere along the way I lost the other team. This became a bit too overwhelming at a bit later also the team got defeated. At the next attempt  team coordination worked better and we managed to complete the mission in a timely manner – we got the master reward, but it was quite close to the limit for the master reward.

 After the Vizunah Square massacre the path continued to talk to The Oracle of the Mists; the usual know-everything guy.  He bragged a bit about his visions then told us to complete the next mission, but without providing.

The Oracle led the team to Nahpui Quarter, which is where Tarixus waits for next adventuring session.


Chilling out in Nahpui Quarter

Chilling out in Nahpui Quarter

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