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Abaddon has left the building

November 5, 2008

Last night was PvE night with the Tuesday Noob Club. There had been some some previous discussions about going to some elite areas avilable only after the Nightfall campaign was completed. Since some of us more noobier noobs still not had completed Nightfall we brought up the suggestion to get some help to complete the two final missions, Gate of Madness (which I have written about before) and Abaddon’s Gate.

While in my solo+henchman/hero attempts with Geta of Madness had failed to defeat one of the main bosses, running the mission with a few more real players worked out much better. The approach taken with the two main bosses (Shiro Tagachi and Undead Lich) was something that would not have worked at all with henchmen. We also did the part to get the master reward, which also gave some nice bonuses which probably helped a bit with the fight with Shiro as well.

After dealing with this mission there was the final mission, where we had to face Abaddon himself. For those that are not that familiar with the Guild Wars lore – Abaddon is a god. And a pretty evil one also. And the whole reason for the whole story was to put a stop to attempts to get Abaddon back to our world and in a position to mess around with it.


Abaddon with head and hands

Abaddon with head and hands

The good part is that Abaddon has been shackled and locked up by some other gods and that he is weak when completely shackled. The bad part is that he has been breaking free of some of the shackles.  When entering the area where he resides one will see his head and his hands while the rest of him is hidden. The shackles for the visible parts are broken, but by defeating the graven Monoliths around the shackles he can be locked down again. When locked down there is a brief period of time when he is wekened and he actually can be hurt.

So the process was to defeat the Graven Monoliths and any Torment Claws and stuff that popped up to lock him down, and then take a few punches at Abaddon. After a short bit he would break free again and the process started over. Abaddon had quite a bit of bad breath also, which knocked down the party and caused some health degeneration, which was not exactly helping. His hands thumping down when he was out of the shackles certainly did its part of giving the impression of fighting a big bad thing…

We did not succeed at the first attempt, but brought some breath mints in the second attempt and after a while we were successful! Abaddon was beaten! And I guess also in a decent time (about 10 minutes), given that the time limit to get the master reward was to do it in less than 20 minutes.

The people and the spirits were very cheerful and celebrated us as real heroes. I guess breating a god beats beating some regular evil-doer. The end scene for this was pretty neat and then actually some game credits started scrolling, which certainly contributed to the feeling that a major milestone had been reached. It was certainly a nice feeling of accomplishment.


Game credits scrolling

Game credits scrolling

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  1. November 5, 2008 at 19:53

    Here is why GW is so awesome.

    Sometimes having a group works better, but you are not forced to play in one.

    Also, the fact you have an “ending”.

    The need to elongate the game and make it so you play ALL the time, and never get the accomplishment of finishing the game hurts that genre.

    Well done sire, and glad to see you made it.

  2. sente
    November 6, 2008 at 01:35

    Thank you, it was nice to reach that milestone.
    What is also neat with the game is that there is no feeling that and end of the game is reached for this character – on the contrary more options has opened up and playing has rather inspired to play around and experiement with more builds and secondary professions even.

    Part of that is in fact thanks to that there is no one size fits all in terms of skills and there are lots of opportunity to experiment and try new strategies.

  3. November 6, 2008 at 15:00

    Gah! Did you guys come back after Henge of Denravi? All I saw was everyone leaving the game, so I left too… damn… I would have LOVED to have done some Gates of Madness.

    Congrats for completing the mission and the campaign!

  4. sente
    November 6, 2008 at 15:08

    Actaully there were two teams in parallel, one doing the Nightfall missions (Gate of Madness and Abaddon) and one the Prophecies missions.

    After we were done with Abaddon I jumped in on Riverside Province mission, so I guess you were doing Henge of Denravi at the same time as we were doing either GoM or Abaddon.

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