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Figuring out Spellborn archetypes and disciplines

November 2, 2008 5 comments

Thinking about what you want to play in the Chronicles of Spellborn?

In most MMORPGs there are usually a few different types of descriptions of the archetypes/classes/professions/whatever you can choose to play in that game – what they are, what they do and how they play

What they are – this is typically the official initial description. Typically placing the archetype in the context of the lore of the game with some colourful descriptions. A good description can get people really excited about the different archetypes.

What they do – this is the more pragmatic view, what types of skills do they actually have and what kind of things and effects can they have in practice? Sometimes the game companies themselves produce this kind of info, but often various fan sites work on producing such material.

How they play – this often comes from actual expereince and if the mechanics are flexible, this can vary from player to player also.

When I start playing an MMORPG and look at what I want to play in the game, the what they are part comes first of course. But often I at least want to dip my toes into the what they do part, but not absorb every detail here.

I will still probably try out most of the choices anyway, figuring out the how to play part for myself along with the details of what they do as I progress.

With a somewhat longwinded intro I just wanted to provide some information on the what they do part to possibly dip your toes in – soak in at your own discretion. These are some links to posts in the Spellborn forums – they may be outdated by the time the game releases, since some of them are already more than a year old.

One nice post in the Spellborn forums is A primer to understanding the classes in which one forum poster (mutantmagnet) summarised the types of skills the different archetypes and disciplines have. A bit of toe-dipping without going into too much detail. For those that might want to get some more details on the skills and their effects there is another post in the forums (also mutantmagnet) with some summary pictures.  It is also a good example of the community and fans providing the what they do type of information. 

Related to this is a dev post about bodyslots, outlining what they are and how they will distinguish the different archetypes/disciplines. The abilities/skills put into these body slots is connected to some of the distinguishing elements of the discipline, so reading that part may also add a bit to the knowledge of each one of them.

To be honest, I did not study the post with the skill details myself – that is a bit more than I want to know at this point. I did have a brief look at the skill components part though to pick up some terminology.