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Splitting the Halloween fight

November 1, 2008 Comments off

Lately the somewhat limited game time I have had has been split between all three MMOs I currently play – City of Villains/Heroes, Guild Wars and Age of Conan.

Fighting Nightmares (elite bosses) and other zombies in Grandville

Fighting Nightmares (elite bosses) and other zombies in Grandville

Since it is Halloween season most games has some Halloween events. In City of Villains/Heroes it is the usual trick and treat knock-on-door from last season, with all the disguises as various villains. The added part for this year was the Zombie invasion, which is pretty much like the RIkti invasions, only that there are zombies pouring out of the ground instead of Rikti dropping down from ships.

It is pretty much the same kind of frenzy fun that the Rikti invasions can be – pretty much some intense fighting everything that pops up for a number of minutes. Had one good session with that in Grandville with one of my dominators (Flamebrain) disguised as a Knife of Artemis member. Not that that made any difference 😉 The fire imps had a great time, my psychic screams hopefully made some impact, but most mobs died too quickly to think that the holds and stuns had a significant impact. Pretty fun in any case.

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