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Spellborn reborn website

October 26, 2008 7 comments

For those who not regularly check on Chronicles of Spellborn, their website had a revamp a few days ago. I think was a necessary step as the game gets closer to release.

Some of the game basics as well as some background lore are presented in a better way than before. Screenshots and videos also seem a bit more accessible.

My feeling about Chronicles of Spellborn could probably be summed up as curious.  The fact they have made a game with its own lore and no predecessors rather than some wellknown intellectual property (Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings Online) makes it potentially more interesting from an exploration perspective I think.

Their combat mechanics is yet a new approach to get away from the typical MMO combat and it will be interesting to see how that works out in practice. 

I also really like that they have taken a City of Heroes type approach to equipment vs attribute boosters, separating looks from the bonuses provided. Their approach makes more sense from a fantasy perspective and I am surprised that more games have not done this.

There are three archetypes, each with three disciplins, which allows for 9 types of character roles. To be honest, the descriptions for some of them does not give much clue what they might be in practice. But they do not entirely fit within traditional roles as far as I can tell, which I think is good. 

As far as I know the game is quest-oriented, but will there be lots of “kill 10 rats” type of quests, or more story-oriented like in Guild Wars or something else?

I suspect this game will be a slow starter, a bit like EVE. They will not get huge amounts of players directly, but if the different game elements work out well they could perhaps get a slow but steady growth.

Many of the things that makes me interested in the game are also things that can make it troublesome to market; no well-known intellectual property, not immeditately recognisable classes, new combat system etc. The approach they have taken to allow free play for the first part of the game before buying is a good way to work with the “word of mouth” type of marketing which I think they will rely on a lot. 

I think it can do well to start with the people who are curious and looking for alternative game apoproaches in MMO space. Also those who may be happy to see a more European focus as a contrast to the majority of the Western games coming from the other side of the pond.