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The Qatar quests

October 24, 2008

This past week my play schedule changed a bit from the ordinary. My guild was asked by another guild if one player could help them with some quests in the guild’s home zone, Qatar. That seemed to work out with my play schedules and while there were some zones to pass to get to Qatar, the flight paths between made it reasonably ok to get there.

Guild house

The zone itself is not the most populous zone and at first glance the zone design might seem a bit bland. However, it has turned out that there is really good loot to be obtained and many players has come into the zone. In fact, the amount of player characters originating from other zones by far surpasses the player characters that has Qatar as a starter area. The latter group tended to be easily recognisable with their specific guild capes and emblems, which they wear with pride.

While there are some neat elements of the original zone design, what is mostly striking today is the amount of player-generated content that has sprung up and changed the landscape. Some like it, while others feel that it does not fit in with the theme that the original zone designers might have had in mind.

The guild I was here to help out had a fairly impressive guild house. It had a bit classical style and perhaps not as daring as some of the newer guild houses in the area.

The purpose for my visit was to help the guild with some quests in the zone. These called for not only some specific classes in the group, but also a specific talent build. The others playing the same class were either spec:ed differently or were not high level enough and so they needed some temporary assistance. My participation thus had two purposes; complete some of the quest objectives and also help some of the guild’s regular players of that class with some hints of where to put the talent points for an somewhat optimal build.

More guild houses - also under construction

More guild houses - also under construction

The first few quest objectives tend to be a bit hard, but once the general quest solving strategy is figured out it can become a bit easier.  They have some pretty good players in the guild; so I think they are on the right track.

Unfortunately I did not get so much time to explore the zone; the whole visit got rather focused. And since I did not have a mount I had to rely on some of the other players. It is a zone where a mount is required – the other game transportation systems are quite lacking in the zone itself. Walking and running in the zone would take time and can be a bit risky; many mounted players act as if the game had no collision-detection mechanic is in place. FFA mounted PvP has been nerfed lately though and heavy faction penalties can occur.

One thing that is notieable as an outside player is the presence and acceptance of the developers as a part of the daily play time; with scheduled Q&A sessions multiple times per day and celebrations of the game design. Others might not agree on that level of commitment or which game companies developers are preferable. But in the end everyone wants good games and I have had a great time with the local players and will probably get back to the zone at some point later.


In the end, it is all about the players

In the end, it is all about the players

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  1. October 24, 2008 at 16:42


    Great write up.
    Thank you for the images also. I love to see various exotic locales.
    I love to travel myself, and it is always neat to see how it is overseas.

    Someday I will head back across the big waters.


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