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The sands of blood and fire

October 16, 2008
Smashing the Mantis

Smashing the Mantis

My fiery missionaire has continued her exploration of Khopshef Province, quite frequently leaving a trail of dead and burned corpses after her. Adhering to slightly different ethics than my Cimmerian Bear Shaman, she has no trouble with helping the local militia to hunt down and defeat a slave rebellion, punching some undead fellows or just just rampaging anything in the vicinity – reward or no reward, she just seem to enjoy that.

The local Mantis population did experience this in particular while exploring their part of the province. I guess the bigger they and the bigger thumps they make adds to this…

This is one thing I think Age of Conan managed to do better than most other fantasy MMORPGs out there – fun combat. I have quite enjoyed melee fighting in this fantasy setting, which is something I have almost never done in other fantasy MMORPGs (Brigand in EQ2 is an exception).

Burn Mantis burn

Burn Mantis burn

While trying to put up some compelling and burning arguments about the bliss of being a servant of Xotli is a nice activity, Tatiana also did some exploration of the parts of the province that she had not been to.

This included a big interesting building in the southern part fo the region, which she learned was called the Black Castle. A bit uncertain if there were any possible converts there, she left without investigating further. After all, a Black castle sounds a bit burned, so maybe the bliss of Xotli had already been told to its inhabitants.

Later though when helping with some espionage on a local citizen she learned that there might be some transformed human that need the to hear the message anyway! A nearby parked caravan also expressed their displeasure with the inhabitants of the Black Castle, although there were some more commercial motivations behind their less positive attitude.


Black Castle

Black Castle


But the explorer mind was also pointing towards the big pyramid in the area, which the locals referred to as the Pyramid of the Ancients. While the surroundings around the pyramid was nice to explore, there has not too many in the area to provide the message of Xotli to except for a few lions. So Tatiana decided to leave this part as well for the moment. An assignment she had picked up was a about killing a chicken handler and one of his chicken. The thought of some fried chicken for lunch was quite appealing, so she headed off to find the chicken handler.

Finding him was quite easy, but it turned out to be difficult to convince him to end the existance in favor of Xotli or prepare some fried chicken. In fact he beat Tatiana completly with only receiving a few scratches himself.

Pyramid of the Ancients

Pyramid of the Ancients

Maybe fried chicken is not the best food right now. Around this point it seemed that Tatiana hit level 30 and an old Destiny quest suddently became plausible. So she headed to Khemi to find out more about this and this is the point she is at right now.

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  1. October 16, 2008 at 22:43

    Cool stuff.
    I love this zone with a passion. I have a thing for the Egyptian styled area.
    The Cimmerian region is also cool, but the Aquilonian being the less desirable, yet having the coolest city..

    Go figure.

    I also am at 30, and have entered the zone for the Destiny Quest.

    Have fun and cheers.

  2. October 17, 2008 at 00:52

    Great article. I’m a big fan of these. I’m living vicariously through those who can play AoC (hw that probably can’t run it, and lack of hd space). I like your style mate.

  3. sente
    October 17, 2008 at 08:58

    Glad to hear it is appreciated, thanks 🙂

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