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The facets of gods

October 16, 2008

Following up on a comment in the Van Hemlock podcast 22 (great show) about the Asura skill Pain Inverter, I did some investigation through the Guild Wars wiki to find out where this skill could be obtained. It turned out that this skill could be obtained as a reward from an Asura named Kerrsh, in a place called Tarnished Haven. This was of course not a place I had been to so an expedition with my necromancer to head off and have a chat with Kerrsh. Leaving from the town Rata Sum the traveling was mainly through dinosaur-infested territory, which turned out to be a bit painful. 

Visiting Kerrsh

Visiting Kerrsh

Some less careful moments with multiple dinosaur groups attacking and the health and energy of most of the group members had been reduced significantly, which did not make progress easier.

After some careful progress through the dinosaur areas were left behind and encounters were replaced with the Quetzal Tengu, a bird humanoid race. A lesson learned here was to take out the Quetzal Dark (necromancers) quickly, since their Well of Pain:s did a good job at reducing the health of the team quite quickly.

Finally arriving at Tarnished Haven and speaking to Kerrsh, it seemed that Keersh was interested in learning some more about the human gods and provided an item called the Divination to track down various facets connected to the various gods.

The Divination was represented by a bar which was filled more and more if the team got closer to the location of the facet and decreasing if the team was going further away from it. When the bar was filled completely the facet appeared and had to be defeated.

Fighting a Facet

Fighting a Facet

Each quest pointed to a different area to go and hunt down a facet connected to a god. In total there were six facets to track down and defeat. Each of them provided a new skill in the reward. I must say I was pleasantly surprised, since I was not aware of these skills and they turned out to be quite neat I think.

The quest for the Pain Inverter skill could only obtained after all of the other quests had been done. The quests were reasonably fun to do and the rewards quite nice I think, so next will be to explore the best use of these to create some new builds for my necromancer.
There is one master difficulty quest remaining which will provide the skill Air of Superiority as a reward, but that is a task I leave for later.
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  1. October 17, 2008 at 02:46

    Pain inverter is possibly the best skill in the game. It makes fighting bosses a hell of a lot easier. I little tip: Keep a minion master Necro in your group and and gather up 10 or so minions before fighting a boss. Then send the minions in first and drop Pain Inverter on the boss. Every time the boss hit’s a minion, Pain Inverter triggers. If the bosses does AoE damage (like giant worms), Pain Inverter can trigger for 4K+ damage.

    Also doing the ‘Air of Superiority’ quest will give you a really good staff. You can use it on all of your caster heroes.

  2. sente
    October 17, 2008 at 08:47

    Good tip! Since the character is a necro having an MM in the group will not be a problem 🙂

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