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Back to nature, one strike at a time

October 13, 2008 2 comments

When playing various characters in MMORPGs I often prefer those whose abilites make them a bit fuzzy in terms of role. This is one reason I prefer City of Villains to City of Heroes; the archetypes do not quite fit in traditional roles to the extent that they might do on hero side.

While I have not tried all classes in Age of Conan there were some of them that appealed to me directly from their descriptions; in particular Herald of Xotli and Bear Shaman. The combination of some magic/mystical powers with nitty-gritty big weapon swinging does have its appeal.

While my HoX has ventured into the Stygian country side, my Bear Shaman Wolfsbane was stuck in Tortage. This was due to that he had a bit of a tough time for a bit there in the early double digit levels. But after he got some more healing and smashiong powers under his belt it started to become more manageable. At 19, he defeated Strom and headed back to his good old home land of Cimmeria.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

All was not well though and Wolfsbane soon found hints that he should head off to Clan Moragh’s settlement and provide them som help with the threat from the Vanirs.


On the way he did encounter both a poor boy who had lost his belongings to some local wolfs. With his name, how could he refuse to help? He did feel a bit guilty about hitting some of the cubs near the wolf pack leader though, which turned out to have the boy’s belongings.

Continuing his path further down to Clan Moragh he encountered an old warrior who wanted some help with delivering some of his belongings to his family in the settlement. Since that was on the way Wolfsbane accepted the task.

Death is present at Clan Moragh

Death is present at Clan Moragh

After arriving to the Clan Moragh settlement it soon became clear that this was a place of sorrow and destruction. Being a shaman and a man of restoration as well as destruction (from his trusty club), Wolfsbane offered to help out. He started out with collecting some herbs to make medicine; but the Vanir were lurking nearby and the effort did not go without bloodshed.

One of the wounded suggested that it might be smart to strike at the Vanir camp where they kept their wounded and kill them while they were weak. However, Wolfsbane refused this – if they die that should be in a fair fight. There is no honour in killing the weak.

Some intelligence from another warrior indicated that the river might be poisoned – the Vanir may have placed rotten corpses in the river to transfer it to the settlement an infecting its inhabitants.

Fighting the Vanir

Fighting the Vanir

Performing some persuasive “talk” with some Vanir and investigating the river a bit into Vanir territory showed that the suspicion was true; there were corpses in the river! The discovered corpses were cleared from the river (not particularly nice work…). Further incursions into Vanir territory was discussed to stop future activities to infect the river water again.

With lots of “persuation by club” being performed, Wolfsbane ended up with a few more trinkets than he needs, plus a bit more cash. So he decided to support the local traders and craftsmen, which they seemed happy for – you do not really say no to some new customers in times like this.


Oh my, that is a mighty fine shield you have there...

Oh my, that is a mighty fine shield you have there...

I was happy to be able to get out of Tortage and into the “real” world for a bit. And the Conarch Valley is quite beautiful. I like the down-and-dirty approach for the Bear Shaman here and it is fun to play, even though he does not match my Herald of Xotli in terms destructive persuation. 

Unfortunately my gaming session did not go trouble free. After playing for a while I got a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), which is something I had hoped would not appear.  Remains to be seen if this will be a recurring event or just something that happened now; it was the first time I got that with this computer set-up though.

But despite that, I quite enjoyed my Conarch venture so far.

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