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Fulfilling the Prophecies

October 11, 2008

After the previous incident with the Vizier/Lich Lord, Wolf certainly felt a bit bad. It is not everyday a so called hero contributes to the end of the world as we know it – it certainly would not look good on the CV for any hero…

So there was not much else to do than to try to get rid of the Titans and the Lich Lord.

Starting with the Titans, it seemed that by opening the Door of Komalie this allowed for some Titan Portals to open, which now need to be closed again. Of course, these are deep into Titan-infested territory.

The Titans resembles to a large extent their surrounding with lava, rock and fire – but they are easy to distinguish from the environment due to that they tend to move and attack. Not only do they attack, but some formations of the Titans become other formations when they are killed.
So when a Burning Titan was killed, it transformed into a Risen Ashen Hulk (piece of rock thing). When a Hulk was killed it turned into two other creatures, Hand of the Titans and Fist of the Titans (glowing rock creatures).

In addition to this a bunch of fire imp like creatures called Sparks of the Titans also ran around in the area. Luckily these did not turn into other creatures when killed, but were quite good in making damage.

Can you spot the Armageddon Lords?

Can you spot the Armageddon Lords?

So a group of 3-4 creatures could often end up being a fight with 8-10 creatures and each group took a bit of time. On top of that Mr L Lord popped up every now and then to mock the team…

Finally Wolf’s arrived to an area which seemed to contain both the Titan Portals as well as a big bunch of Titan guys patrolling the Portal area. On top of that, three Armageddon Lords were also standing nearby with their backs turned.

First things first, the regular way of dealing with lots of enemies is the good old pulling trick. Luckily the Titan fellows did not seem to be too social and it was fairly easy to pull just one at a time of most of the Titans. And one Titan at a time is quite easy to deal with.

I spy some Titan portals...

I spy some Titan portals...

The whole process took a while, but finally the area near the portals was clear. Each portal was guarded by 3 portal wraiths, which had to be killed to close each portal. With all portal wraiths killed, all portals were closed and this triggered the interest of our good old evil-doer the Lich Lord.

Destroying the portals did not seem to cause any major concern for LL, or at least he did not show it. Instead he summoned up a few Titans and a surprise guest to the show, the undead corpse of Prince Rurik. I must admit it took a bit longer than a few nanoseconds to remember who Rurik was actually, since it was so long ago in the story. But then Wolf remembered and felt a bit embarrased for not remembering – it was his former boss after all…

After this summoning Mr Lord moved on to do some other evil-doer stuff.

With a bit of pulling Wolf’s posse managed to reduce the number of Titans a bit before actually causing Prince Rurik to attack. Prince Rurik was really sorry about the whole thing, said he was just following orders etc. Eventually Wolf’s team defeated Rurik and the other summoned Titans there.
Rurik passed on a hint to defeat the Lich Lord – beat him in the caldera area where the Door to Komalie was opened and the door would be closed again and the threat from the Titans would end.

Closed door, Dead Lich

Closed door, Dead Lich

Considering the circumstances that sounded like a good tip and Wolf’s team headed of for the caldera area.
Of course Mr Lich was there, along with a few Titans as well. The nearby Titans were defeated and then it was time for Lich himself. Being a big bad guy, LL is a level 30 enemy, which is higher than most encounters. The whole team started with the beating, which worked ok. Mr Lich had a habit though of teleporting himself back and forth, which caused some running around – sometimes into burning lava.
When the team throught he was killed through he just regained all his health a gain and the team had to start over. Some more Titans appeared also, which were taken care of before continuing with LL.
Finally Mr Lord was killed again and although he seemed to regain health again this seemed to be considered an actual real hero-does-the-job kill and the victory cutscene started to roll a fraction of a second later.

The World is saved! For real this time!

Lots of cheering and celebrations and Wolf was presented with a reward from the king of the creepy dwarves, His Highness Jails Ironhammer himself.

Now Wolf has finally and officially become one of the Cool Guys, have unlocked Hard Mode for the campaign, can access some end-game areas and probably have unlocked a few more cool skills also.

And yeah, he saved Tyria also…

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