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Beating the Mursaat, part 2

October 11, 2008

Last time Wolf and his gang had started their path through the Ring of Fire mission, but ran into problem with the local wildlife. This time through a more careful approach was taken and as a result progress was much better.

After circling the Mursaat compound the Wolf team attacked the guard house from “behind” and managed to work our way a few Mursaat troops to get to the end and taking control of the guard house area. When this was done, the path to the entrance of the volcano, aka Abaddon’s Mouth, was available.

Once this was done our old buddy Vizier Khilborn popped up again to say a few words for the dead dwarf Brechnar Ironhammer, who had joined the posse but ran off and got himself killed right at the start.

Fighting the Jade warriors

Fighting the Jade warriors

Next task was to enter the Abaddon’s Mouth area and break through the defences the Mursaat had set up in order to open the Door of Komalie. Right at the start Vizier Khilborn dropped in to cheer us on, but as usual he soon disappeared again.

Fights from this point was mainly groups of Mursaat and their Jade warrior buddies. Also there were a number of doors (not Komalie) to be broken through which were sealed with Ether Seals, which needed some care and removal of nearby Mursaat/Jade troops first.

Wolf and his gang had gotten used to this fighting through, so it did not pose too much trouble. Once in a while there was a boss to fight as well. This was not much of a problem either, since there was generally only one boss and many of the regular enemies nearby could be pulled before taking care of the boss.

One of the Abaddon's Mouth gates

One of the Abaddons Mouth gates

When getting a bit closer to the Komalie area there were two bosses in front of an ether sealed gate. This fight took longer than most of the other fights in the area, but in the end they were defeated.

Mursaat boss fight

Mursaat boss fight

When Wolf’s team finally arrived to the Door of Komalie area it turned out that the door itself was more of the virtual kind, a magical entity to another dimension or something like that – not entirely surprising.

This was sealed by 6 ether seals in the middle of a caldera area. Whenever a seal was broken, a bunch of ghosts appeared and attacked the team. The Mursaat had not yet given up either and there was a regular stream of Mursaat guardians arriving to the festivities.

Vizier Khilborn, aka the Lich Lord

Vizier Khilborn, aka the Lich Lord

Finally the last seal was broken! The Door of Komalie opened! The rule of Mursaat is broken ! The world is saved!



Our Vizier buddy turned out to be the nasty guy that was shown a glimpse of a long time ago, the Lich Lord. By opening the Door of Komalie it allowed a bunch of creatures called the Titans to enter our world. By using the Scepter of Orr, the Lich Lord controlled these creatures and sent them out to conquer the various parts of Tyria. Real bummer…

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