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Back to Hyboria

October 11, 2008

I have just got into a mood of dusting off and trying some previosuly played or looked at games again and see what they are like now. So first I decided to dust off my Age of Conan DVDs and reinstall the game.

When I originally started to play Age of Conan I never continued past the initial month. Not because the game was buggy (although it had its share of problems), but I did not really feel any urge to get in and play the game – too many frustrating bits and pieces, plus that I also had Issue 12 for City of Heroes/Villains, whose content for me was much more enjoyable at that point.

So now a few months later I have decided to play a bit of Age of Conan. Not particularly much probably, but a little bit every now and then.

The first step in the game was to start play what was my favourite character when I played, my Herald of Xotli – Tatiana.

Tatiana in Khemi

Tatiana in Khemi

At level 22, she had barely left Tortage and had just started to look arond a bit in the near surroundings when I stopped playing her.

Exploring Khopshef province

Exploring Khopshef province

One thing I decided when starting to play now was to not go the quest-or-die route and try to optimize the questing. I.e. not collecting all quests found from quest givers and try to complete all near each other in some area. Instead my character will mostly ignore all the quest givers, do a bit of exploration of the world on her own and pick up quests once in a while only, if they seem to have a reasonable challenge or story.

But first I decided to work on the quests I already had picked up during my previous ventures to Hyboria, some in Khemi and some in the nearby Khopshef province mainly. And do some exploration of the area at the same time. It is a nice region with a desert, Nile area theme. It relly needs graphics settings on high to look good though IMHO. Fortunately that was not a problem.

Running around abit on random led to a few encounters and enemies which were a bit of out of my league initially, in particular when they walked around in groups. Death is always near 😉 I did encounter a friendly Mantis though, but he did not provide much info about himself and his kind other than that they have some kind of hive society.

Chatting with a Mantis

Chatting with a Mantis

While I explored I also of course started to re-learn the bits and pieces that I picked up the previous time. After a while the combat started to flow reasonably well. The stats on the items are still not clear what the effect is, but since most drops or what I found at vendor was pretty similar or worse to what I already had, I did not have to bother so much with item stats, which I think is good.

The game still has lots of trash loot drops and not much inventory space. However I did notice in Khemi that additional bags were cheaper/larger than what I remembered them. Back then I could not really any bag I found in Tortage. But now I could buy a 12 slot bag for less than 10% of the money I had.

I still wish that there was less trash loot or some trash filter similar to that Tabula Rasa has.

While most of the quests were in Khopshef and Stygia, I was sent through follow-ups on those quests to some other parts, for example the Conarch village/valley area. I did not pick up any new quests here inline with my plan, but the area looks quite and I might put some time in my bear shaman to get out of Tortage and to Conarch.

I did not meet many players when running around. There were a few much higher level than me in the hub areas and in Khopshef I did encounter other players of similar levels, but never more than one at a time.

From a technical point of view I have not had any problems with the game so far, it has worked quite fine. They could do a better implementation of the screenshot function I think though, I do not see a reason to freeze the game for a short bit just for a screenshot.

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  1. October 11, 2008 at 20:46

    Welcome back.
    I am with you s well. Do quests when I feel like it, and messw around with the classes.
    One person said it best on the forums on MMORPG.com.

    “I was a sheep and followed everyone elses lead”

    He quit as everyone else was leaving, not because he did not like the game.

    I thought on that, because after playing WAR and just being disappointed, I remember not feeling that way about AoC.

    When I went back, I was pleased as punch. The game IS good, and just needs time to flourish.

    The game has issues to work out, but definitely feels like Guild Wars in the respect that it is good to come back to, and play around in.

    Enjoy your stay.

  2. sente
    October 11, 2008 at 23:27

    I think it is mainly the quest grind that I have become allergic to. So by taking multiple games in smaller pieces and avoid power-questing I think I can get more enjoyment out of the games.

  3. October 12, 2008 at 17:04

    Had almost forgot.
    If you do NOT use it yet, you may wish to download and install X-Fire.
    We have formed a small “bloggers” clan. It really is useful to track how much time you invest into games, do screenshots in one central place and you can even capture video.

    X-Fire allows chat (including voice) if you wiah to use that as well (most people don’t…but it is there)

    Check out info on the clan here.

    And the software at xfire.com

    I will do a small story on it later on my blog..

    Cheers mate

  4. sente
    October 14, 2008 at 00:32

    I used to have XFire installed, but I never quite liked it back then. But it certainly has a few useful features.

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