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Wolf and dwarves

October 5, 2008 1 comment

Another weekend and some more adventures with Wolf and his posse in the world of Tyria. After beating up some Mursaat it was time to lend a hand to the friendly dwarf tribes. Apparently Mr J Ironhammer, a well-known dwarf king, had run into a bit of trouble with the Stone Summit dwarves, who had captured the city and fort of Thunderhead Keep.

His Highness Ironhammer considered Wolf and his gang to owe him one after earlier assistance when escaping from Ascalon, so he simply wanted a bit of payback assistance.

So where are the ski slopes?

So where are the ski slopes?

Being a hero, how could Wolf say no? Besides, there was a rumor that the Thunderhead area had some of the best skiing in the region so maybe there would be some time to go off-pist afterwards. And perhaps sit down by a hut in the slope and sip some Jägermeister and get some tan…

But first things first; Thunderhead Keep needed to be cleared. Wolf’s team set out and soon found various Stone Summit groups patrolling the facilities – some local giants and ice elementals had also been hired by the SS troops to assist in the fighting.

A bit of careful fighting one group at a time soon cleared both the city area and the fort. However, at this time it seemed that the White Mantle and the Mursaat did not agree on having Mr Ironhammer in charge; they launched numerous attacks on the fort and Wolf’s gang got tasked by Mr Ironhammer to hold the fort.

At this point in the mission it is possible to light some beacons to attract more Mursaat. If one does not light them up the attacks are quite manageable; only a Mursaat boss fight might provide a bit more challenge, depending on which boss shows up – there seem to be at least 2 different possibilities.
My guess is that with some timing lighting the beacons the extra Mursaat might not be much trouble. But getting more Mursaat during the boss fight was a bit painful though.

The Mursaat gets mixed up with some White Mantle, the last group to attack is one containing confessor Dorian. When he and his group is killed the fort is saved.

Just as Wolf and his gang was about to go get some R&R and Jägermeister, the King of Orr aka Vizier Khilborn quite literary popped up and said that it was time to head to the Ring of Fire area and beat up some more Mursaat. He seemed a bit eager on that point… Probably more into hanging around on beaches than skiing.

Ghostly octopus creatures, what will they think of next?

Ghostly octopus creatures, what will they think of next?

So no time off and Wolf and the team had to pack for a slightly warmer climate. While travelling to the designated area Wolf’s posse had to take out a few White Mantle bigshots, which was quite easily handled.


Next mission now was to get to the heavily guarded Door of Komalie, which supposedly is containing some tool/weapon/power/whatever to defeat the Mursaat once and for all. This part Wolf’s team have started, but have not finished – first attemps lead to defeat due to a few too large groups of lava spitters, some nasty spider-like creatures which are quite easy to take care of one by one. They seem to be quite social though, which caused some initial trouble. More on that probably next weekend….

Hey you, we will see you next weekend!

Hey you, we will see you next weekend!

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