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Getting re-wired

October 4, 2008 Comments off

Lately when I have been playing there has been frequent moments where the game has just frozen for several seconds, or had a time warp (you get back to an earlier spot). A first it thought was something temporary problem with NCSoft server, as I have been playing Guild Wars and NCSoft.

But the problems occurred even with quite good ping times and they persisted. I also started to see some delays in regular internet surfing, more than might be usual.

My computer connects through a wireless router and an ADSL modem and I realized when I recently bought a new computer, I just used the wireless network interface that was bundled with it, a D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510.

I have had my share of problems before with D-Link, so I decide to first plug in a regular network cable instead to the router and see how that worked. And that worked flawlessly, when playing now I did not experience any of the frozen moments or time warps.

I still prefer wireless though, since my computer is not close to my ADSL modem and the router. So I plugged in a different (Netgear, same brand as my router) wireless adapter. While I did have some brief frozen moment in Guild Wars when I tested, it was nowhere near the problems I had with the other wireless adapter.

So the gaming experience suddenly got back to normal from the sometimes quite frustrating times lately.

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