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Business model clarified a bit for Chronicles of Spellborn

September 29, 2008

At The Chronicles of Spellborn website there is an announcement clarifying what the “free” option of the game is. I think that was certainly necessary. Personally I was not sure if the business model would be different or the same for Acclaim and for Frogster, the perception was certainly that it would be some kind of “free-to-play” game under the Acclaim banner.

The reality is however that Spellborn will have a free trial, but instead of limiting in time as many other MMOs they are limiting it in space – there is one zone which is free to play in. This is a bit similar to what Saga of Ryzom has been doing. This will be the same regardless of whether it is published by Acclaim or Frogster.

Not limiting it in time is a good choice I think, at least given that this zone may provide a reasonable taste of what the game will be like. Fast levelers and people with a lot of play time might not be that happy with this way of limiting the free trial, but for me it is a welcome option.

  1. September 30, 2008 at 14:19

    Wow, that’s something I wish EVERY game would do at launch. There have been a number of MMOGs that I do kind of regret buying, and a free trial would have saved me some cash.

    Granted, I know that’s exactly why companies DON’T offer them at launch, but still. As a consumer, the option to try before I buy is always welcome.

  2. September 30, 2008 at 16:12

    We need to remember…some games can “fool” you with their opening zone…(Age of Conan ring a bell? LOTRO?)
    Then you find the rest of the game lacking..
    I am waiting for my wife for example to leave Tortage in AoC and see if her outlook changes.
    Now, I wonder what limitations we may have in this setup…
    But, I agree with Bildo in that I wish all games offered something along this line.
    I think it could really make or break a game to at least let people try the mechanics for one…

    I for one am patiently awaiting Spellborn. I hope I am not disappointed,….

  3. sente
    October 1, 2008 at 19:14

    Pretty much everyone will of course have a more refined experience in the beginning of the game, so yes there is definitely a possibility of being “fooled”.

    But in this case you at least have the option of making a somewhat informed, firsthand experience decision before you buy anything.

    This will likely also be more cost effective for them than to try to build up some big marketing campaign to make everyone buy the game. Without the intellactual properties of Conan or Tolkien’s world or company brand name recognition it would be tough to make themselves stand out in all marketing noise.

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