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Beating the Mursaat, part 1

September 29, 2008

So far ranger Wolf had avoided too much confontation with the Mursaat, since their Spectral Agony skill did some severe damage. But there is a remedy for this, which can be obtained from a seer deep into the area of the Iron Mines of Moladune. 

Hi Mr Seer, any infusion available?

Hi Mr Seer, any infusion available?

The team worked their way through a number of Stone Summit dwarves, Tundra Giants, some Mountain Trolls and a few Griffons. Further ahead of the path close to the seer location (which was all the way at the other end of the zone, of course…) there were also some more spectral creatures to deal with in the form of Azure Shadows. A bit monkey like and sometimes appearing right out of nowhere.

Finally getting to the seer’s location the fellow told Wolf’s posse that he was of a race that had fought the Mursaat for a long time. It seems though that the prophecies had told that Wolf was the guy to help get rid of those Mursaat once and for all, so he would help the team. The seer’s race had some protection for the devastating agony power of the Mursaat, which they could help with to apply to the team’s armor.

There was only a tiny little creature to kill for that…

The creature was a somewhat large octopus-like floating thing called Eidolon. Taking care of Eidolon was no big trouble and the seer infused the team’s armor.

So now was the time to test the infused armor and see if it worked and try to complete the actual main objective of the mission – kill the Shining Blade traitor Markis and his posse.

A slightly different path was reachable from the seer location, with some White Mantle and Mursaat. A few Mursaat would normally be a bad thing to encounter, but now witht he infused armor it worked just fine and the Mursaat were no more difficult than other level 24 enemies (and their level 28 bosses).

Wolf’s gang followed the road south, ignoring some White Mantle/Mursaat constellations which were not on the direct path. This turned out to be good for the bonus part of the mission. A Shining Blade scout further down along the path provided that, which was to kill a Mursaat boss before he escaped though a portal. The boss and his posse spawned nearby, right where I had parked Wolf’s team when going to talk to the scout!

The defeat of Markis

The defeat of Markis

Stopping the boss was reasonably easy and the bonus was obtained. Wolf’s team continued south only to find them back at the start of the mission and no Markis… Backtracking the steps and looking at the areas with enemies which the group had passed, it turned out that Markis was quite near the location of the seer…

A few Jade Armor elementals spawned when attacking Markis, but overall it was quite manageble. And so the another deed was added to Wolf’s increasing list of Things To Do As A Hero.

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    November 12, 2008 at 16:22

    Eew, druid armor… xD Good job though ;] he mursaat need someone to whup their asses!

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