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Selling free trials

September 27, 2008

Today I visited the local Mediamarkt store. When I passed by the PC games section I noticed that there were an unusual amount of NCSoft game boxes on the shelves. There has always been plenty of Guold Wars boxes and from time to time a few City of Heroes/Villains boxes. But now there were significantly more boxes.

I noticed that a number of the boxes only cost 19 SEK (rougly 2 Euro, or 3 USD) and there were a number of them, including for Lineage II and City of Heroes/Villains. The text on the box also said “valid for 14 days play”.

I.e. NCSoft is selling boxes for the free trial of some of their games. This might actually be a smart move to get more people to try out their games. They get it exposed to more people than those already into MMOs and downloading game clients. For those that do not want to spend long time on downloading the client they can also buy a disk with it for a small fee.

And with more shelf space it might also draw more attention to their games as a whole. With these boxes added to the regular boxes the NCSoft section was close to the Blizzard section in size in the store.

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