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The Ascended Wolf

September 21, 2008 3 comments

The Wolf Has Ascended. Or so I think anyway, having completed the trials in the Crystal Desert and defeated myself. My ranger has been on his path to become ar Real Hero together with his gang (M.O.X., Dunkoro and Sousuke) and some added henchmen.

Augury Rock entrance area

Augury Rock entrance area

The hero stuff has required Wolf to Ascend, which takes place in Augury Rock; a big cliff in the Crystal Desert area. In order to gain entrance one has to complete three trials, each trial given by a ghost hero guarding the entrance. 

The first trial Wolf attempted was in the Dunes of Despair. In this area Mr Ghost wanted some help with overthrowing an evil Ghost who had placed himself in a place of power. To his aid to defend the place he has a bunch of The Forgotten, which seems to be a race of snake-like (cobra style) people, combined with some animated armor and weapons fighting by their side.

And to add some extra spice, Mr Evil Ghost had some big Sand Wurms placed at strategic locations to hurl big chunks of rock at any nearby enemies.

It turned out that fighting the way to Mr Evil Ghost and even defeating him was not the big problem; that worked fine directly. No, after that our own ghost wanted some peace for a ritual. However, there might still be some enemies around, so he said that the gang should cover his butt for 10 minutes.

This turned out to be easier said than done. Defeating the first few waves of enemies (Forgotten) worked fine, but then a Sand Wurm appeared some distance away and started hurling rocks. Initially I decided to stay near the ghost in case any more enemies would appear. None appeared though, so after a while I decided to take a shot at the Wurm. But, while the team was fighting the wurm some new Forgotten appeared and attacked Mr Ghost! Rushing back to defend him, it was a bit too late and the mission failed.

Next round the gang stayed close to Mr Ghost and ignored the wurm. The following spawn was dealt with ok, but then new spawns appeared with a boss and also another wurm appeared in the other side of the area and also started hurling rocks and then a third… The combination of the three wurms and the boss group was a bit too much and the team was defeated.

Third attempt, the gang rushed to kill the first wurm as soon as the first spawns were dealt with, then back to the ghost. After that the new spawns and the boss group appeared and with one less wurm to deal with, this worked out much easier. After that the second and third wurm was dispatched. Back to Mr Ghost. Now there was not much time left, but there were a few mobs just hanging around nearby. After some waiting time the gang decided to attack them, which was close to the time limit and the mission was successful before the last enemy group was killed. Yay!

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Playing my music

September 21, 2008 Comments off

I recently discovered by pure chance a neat little game, which I have played a bit lately: Audio-surf.  It is kind of a racing game where you have to pick up coloured blocks in combinations. The race tracks are created from music scores you select yourself. There is a bunch of different ships you can race with, each with different charcteristics, as well as differences in the racing track itself. Quite enjoyable.

It is probably old news for some, but I have no background or tradition of playing games on PCs (as in Wintel computers) other than MMOs, so I am pretty clueless to much what goes on in terms of PC gaming outside the MMOsphere. 

Anyway, neat game and good fun!

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