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The Chronicles of Spellborn finally has a release date

September 20, 2008

It seems that the folks at Spellborn now decided that it is time to release their game, The Chronicles of Spellborn. The release date is set to November 27th. 

This is what they have agreed with the European publisher, Frogster. It seems that the aim is to have the same date for those on the other side of the Atlantic as well, but they need still to sort that out with Acclaim.

Release dates are slippery when it comes to MMORPGs, but I think there is a good chance that they will keep this date. It is only a bit more than 2 months away and they have not thrown around release date that much before. 

If the game turns out to be pretty good I do not think it will be a big hit right from the start. Rather I think this might be the kind of game that may grow slowly, a bit on the side from the big hyped games. Perhaps a bit like EVEs growth. Which I think it quite fine, a nice alternative to big media and hyped releases of other games.

  1. September 20, 2008 at 21:03

    Thanks for the “pat on the back” over on West Karana. Maybe I will share the saga at sometime.

    Anyways, this news interests me, as the game has merit.

    It’s stylized graphics look cool without looking “old” (WAR), the combat looks fierce, and some of the things I have read (200 slot bags from start, make your clothing and visual style at the start and keep it) makes me more fascinated by the day.

    It has the Guild Wars/Age of Conan feel of trying to be different, and that is good in my opinion.

    Cheers and enjoy your new computer.

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