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Desert Wolf

September 14, 2008

Again my ranger Wolf has moved futher to his path to become a real hero. After helping the Shining Blade reclaiming the Henge of Denravi, he got another assignment to deliver the Scepter of Orr to its rightful owner, the King of Orr. By giving it back to him, the Blades hope that he will help them with the fight to defeat the White Mantle.

Ah, there is Orr's house over there!

Ah, there is Orrs house

So Wolf and the gang heads towards Orr’s house, which has a quite nice location by the coast. Beaches nearby, excellent sea view and no disturbing neighbours.

After beating though some undead creatures the gang reached the King, who had some bad news though – the White Mantle had launched a big attack and defeated the Shining Blade in Maguuma and captured the leaders. It is a hero’s obligation to save the good guys, so Wolf wanted to head right into the heart of Mantle HQ, but K. Orr said that was not a good idea right now. He then went on to suggest that since the whole Wolf group also was Chosen (he has an eye for these things, with the scepter), that the group should go to the Crystal Desert to obtain some real power. Apparently Chosen ones can try to complete some trials in order to complete the path to Ascension and become quite powerful.

So K. Orr takes the team on a boat trip to the Crystal Desert, where the work to become Ascended would start. After travelling through parts of the Crystal Desert the gang reached Augury Rock, which seems to be the place to get on to the path to ascension. However, the area is populated with a number of ghosts who asks the group to perform some tasks before helping them further.

The Crystal Desert

The Crystal Desert

The first task the group choose to tackle was to travel to the Dunes of Dispair to help the local ghosthood there. While the desert area was quite nice, it did have some less friendly locals, including Sand Griffons, Sand Giants, some undead guys, the usual devourers and – the Wurms.

Having entered a dungeon with Wurms with Selene and the Tuesday Noob Club earlier in the week, the rumbling of the ground while travelled in the desert and and definite dejà vù and uh-oh feeling to it.

Sand Wurm fight

Sand Wurm fight

And surely a big Sand Wurm appeared and attempted to chew a bit of Wolf meat. After some fighting the wurm was defeated though. Unfortunately this was not the only wurm fight during the desert travel and more fights ensued. At one time the wurm timing was impeccable, just a second after the Wolf posse attacked a group of elementals…

This time the groups was less lucky and it caused some involuntary rest in the desert sand.

Dead in desert

Dead in desert

After some time though Wolf and his gang reached the Dispair area. And ta-da, Wolf also reached level 20 and thus becoming my 4th Guild Wars character to reach max level and the first one following the Prophecies campaign. I quite enjoy the Prophecies story and it is good to have a couple of different stories and paths to follow at any given time. 

Another Sand Wurm fight

Another Sand Wurm fight

This was it for now, Wolf will continue his path to ascension later. What will the next adventure be, who knows? But that will be for the next weekend…

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  1. September 15, 2008 at 15:46

    Excellent write up. That area was a bear thanks to the worm. What is worse is the “Henchmen” suck in that area.
    Heroes really help in this aspect as they are just “smarter” and know how to heal, attack, etc.

    Glad you had fun. My wife and myself have such fond memories of Prophecies (we were there at launch), and this game (just Prophecies) became an obsession for over a year. We had a huge guild, played the missions over many times, made many alts. We even had a “pre-sear” character that stayed in the old world before it was destroyed, to hang out, party, dance, etc.

    Good times indeed.


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