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The short MMO experience

September 13, 2008

Many people play MMOs a lot of hours per week, perhaps 20+.

Assume now that you could only play one specific MMO for max 4 hours per week and that the cost for the any MMO game was not an issue. Would you still spend as much time playing MMOs, but play more of them? Or would you do something different?

Would the MMOs you selected be different from what you play now? Would any characterstic of a game be more important?

If cost came into the picture, what and how would you pay for these games?


Personally I think I would probably still play MMOs to the same extent as I do today, but there would be more MMOs played – assuming there were enough of them that worked well playing only a few hours per week. And I think a few would, but support to keep in touch with people, community tools etc would be important. Preferably also across games, and from within the game. 

And the grindy part and all in between missions/quests should be eliminated ot possible to avoid completely – assuming the game has any kind of story arc.

I would not want to pay the subscription fees of today for one game, but would certainly pay a subscription fee to play a bunch of games.

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  1. Firefly
    September 13, 2008 at 14:33

    I used to play WoW for over a year. I had trouble focusing on building one character (although I managed to get a BE hunter to 70). If I had to flick between MMOs I’d soon get bored. I don’t think grinding should be taken out. It taught me the nuances of my char. Also ganking whilst grinding is a lot of fun.

    I wasn’t one of the players that tried to powerlevel. I took the scenic route and enjoyed it more. I think I’d always choose a fantasy based MMO. I tried Eve, the boredom and tedium left scars that will never heal.

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