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Wolf of the jungle

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My ranger Wolf have had his share of trouble lately. After helping his Ascalon people to escape the Charr from Ascalon territory into Kryta, he got acquainted with the ruling organisation there, the White Mantle.

(Do not read if you do not want to learn anything about the Prophecies story line in the Maguuma jungle)

In the beginning all seemed well, helping the Mantle boys and fighting some undead and getting the scepter of Orr, which the WMs say was used to detect people with magical aptitude (the Chosen), so they could take them to allow them to learn and improve their skills.

A few Chosen was abducted by some “bandits” in the Maguuna jungle area though and Wolf and his band of heroes headed after them. There is a lot of trees, trolls, spiders, some centaurs and various other creatures in the jungle area, and pretty much all of them were hostile.

Our heroes worked their way, following the trail of the “bandits”, the Shining Blade. At a point here the group of abducted Chosen ones were found, only to have been captured by some nasty spiders! Dealing with the spiders got Wolf up front with the Shining Blade, who claimed to actually be rescuers of the Chosen ones. They claimed that the White Mantle guys do Bad Things to the Chosen.

Why would the Whities do bad things to them? Not likely! However, after getting through the jungle towards the Bloodstone Fen after a tip from the Shining Blade, our heroes bear witness to a ritual sacrifice of some Chosen ones, by the White Mantle! 

Being aspiring heroes and not mercenaries that might pick a quest from any nearby person and committ mass murder for a few coins and some xp, Wolf and his gang decides to put a stop to the White Mantle. Or at leat the Mantles nearby, which are dealt with swiftly.

This did not go well with the Demagogue, one of the Mantle bigshots. He sent out troops to take revenge, but our hero helped deal with that problem. Being use dot that Wolf helps the locals with some problems, they now ask to help unlock the gate to the Henge of Denravi, and old druid hang-out which as not seen much action lately, but that seems to be important. If nothing else, it also seems that the White Mantle guys want to get access to it.

So our heroes gets on the road again and find themselves in a race with the White Mantle to obtain access to the portal. It seems that the portal can only be opened by placing a number of crystals in certain locations. Our heroes start with that task, but the White Mantle do the same with their crystals. And it seems we must get our crystal control in place to avoid allowing the White Mantle inside. It becomes a hectic crystal race, with parts of the portal area switching owners back and forth for a while. That is, until our heroes managed to take out all the White Mantle and the Demagogue himself.

After activating the portal Wolf and his part is transported a short distance, only to face a few more of the local wildlife, which seems to include a few behemoth snakes/worms. In partcular one, which is the Henge Guardian. Being used to the wildlife in the jungle now, Wolf and his gang dispatches the behemoths also.

Wolf with his gang, including the Fire Imp

Wolf with his gang, including the Fire Imp

As I have mentioned before, Wolf went to Elona and picked up a few heroes, which certainly with the jungle warfare. In addition to those he also picked up the Fire Imp. Mr Imp is one of the new additions that was added together with the golem hero M.O.X.

The Fire Imp is different though in that it seems only to be obtainable by characters below level 20. It will stay at the same level as the player character, is not controllable and adds some firepower – literally. it is not counted as a member of a team, so one can still run with all players, heroes and henchmen that would be used normally. He is only summonable once per hour and will not go across zones, so be careful where and when it is summoned.

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The short MMO experience

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Many people play MMOs a lot of hours per week, perhaps 20+.

Assume now that you could only play one specific MMO for max 4 hours per week and that the cost for the any MMO game was not an issue. Would you still spend as much time playing MMOs, but play more of them? Or would you do something different?

Would the MMOs you selected be different from what you play now? Would any characterstic of a game be more important?

If cost came into the picture, what and how would you pay for these games?


Personally I think I would probably still play MMOs to the same extent as I do today, but there would be more MMOs played – assuming there were enough of them that worked well playing only a few hours per week. And I think a few would, but support to keep in touch with people, community tools etc would be important. Preferably also across games, and from within the game. 

And the grindy part and all in between missions/quests should be eliminated ot possible to avoid completely – assuming the game has any kind of story arc.

I would not want to pay the subscription fees of today for one game, but would certainly pay a subscription fee to play a bunch of games.

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