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A time for heroes

September 7, 2008 2 comments

While most of my time have been spent in Nightfall and Eye of the North in Guild Wars, I do have some characters that are progressing through Prophecies and Factions as well.

A significant difference between those and Nightfall/Eye of the North is the availability of heroes. The heroes are generally better than the regular henchmen and one has more control of them and the skills they are using also. The lack of control with only henchmen can be a bit frustrating at time when one has become used to have some heroes around.

Tatiana enjoying the big city

Tatiana enjoying the big city

Since both Wolf (my Prophecies ranger) and Tatiana (my Factions elementlist) were eligable to get the quests to venture in to the other campaigns I decided to get them to Kamadan and pick up some heroes.

A nice bonus here which I had not calculated with was M.O.X., which was introduced in recent patch a few days ago. As I understand it, M.O.X. is available to everyone who is at least level 10 and has Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall. He is a golem and a level 20 dervish.
He can be picked up outside some of the main outposts (Kamadan, Lion’s Arch and Kaineng City) and he comes with an instruction manual which I think triggers some quests – I have not started those yet.

Wolf discussing battle tactics with M.O.X. and Koss

Wolf discussing battle tactics with M.O.X. and Koss

Anyway, having a big level 20 hero “machine” was certainly a help to complete the quests to get to Istan, in particular from Lion’s Arch where the henchmen are only level 10 and enemies are level 18-24 in the quest.

With both Wolf and Tatiana I played through the chain of missions that led to Kourna and the attack on Gandana. So now I have a few heroes in place for each character to continue each campaign. As a bonus the leveling was pretty good during this so Tatiana hit 20 and Wolf hit 17, basically 2 levels each.

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