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Shadow agent and new outfit

September 6, 2008 4 comments

Today I played a bit of Guild Wars for the first time this week. Work took me to Switzerland this week, so no play until this weekend.

My first task was to try to tackle Cyndr again with a new build focused on life stealing and with only ranged heroes/henchmen (necromancers, archers and monks). Getting to Cyndr is not a short trip and there are a number of enemies to work through. Unfortunately my new builds and hero/henchment combo was not as resilient compared to my earlier group.

When we finally reached Cyndr the death penalty had taken a chunk out of both my own but in particular some of my heroes’ health. At the Cyndr cavern I tried to rush in first without the group to get our local dwarf guide in a good spot before Cyndr spawned.
However, Cyndr spawned pretty much right on top of him and quite close to the cave entrance. I did not see him after that.

Cyndr position was not the best for us, near the entrance but still away from the opening, so the henchmen ended up running pretty close. Some flag moving got them away a bit but and the life strealing part started out ok, but Cyndr managed to kill most so it was not enough to reduce the health regen other than for a short time. With the dealth penalty being pretty sever for most characters, Cyndr one hit killed most when he/she/it got a chance. So this attempt did not work out so well. Given all the time it takes to get down there I think I’ll save this one for later.

Monument armor for necromancer

Monument armor for necromancer

To get in a better mood I decided to cash in what I had currently in my Hero’s Handbook and get enough reputation to get some new armor. My standing with the Ebon Vanguard has been the one with most progress and I thought the Monument armor for the necromancer looked pretty good, so I decided to go for that.

The different armor pieces cost 10 platinum each to craft, plus that it needed 350 hides and 35 steel ingots. I had more than enough hides, but was a bit short on the steel ingot, so I bought the remaining ones from the rare material trader (cost about 180 gold each at that time).

I kept my old face tattoo, but the rest was replaced. In total it cost me a bit more than 45 platinum, which was pretty much all I had in my wallet. But the outfit was definitely an improvement to my earlier Istani and Sunspear outfits. It would have been nice if colour changes affected the whole fabric and not just the borders though – it clashes a bit with the guild cape.

But I’m happy with the change. It will be a while bfore I can afford another outfit, but this is just as well – I have problem with inventory and storage space – there is not enough of it. Have to start spend and sell more of it…

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