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Saving the world on two fronts

August 31, 2008

On one front, the evil god Abaddon is trying to break free into our world, destroying all we hold dear.

On another front the Destroyers are popping up to do a similar things, perhaps not putting the world into Torment, but certainly eradicating life as we know it.

And destined to solve both problems is your truly of course, or at least my necromancer.

There has been some progress with the Nightfall campaign and I did defeat Varesh of Kourna – she did put up a good fight. However, she has just been a pawn for Abaddon and actually dealing with a god might be a bit more of a problem than a human, even a powerful one like Varesh. This led to a rather quick decision to travel to the Realm of Torment. The decision was so quick that there was not really any option…

A happy joyful place, Realm of Torment

A happy joyful place, Realm of Torment

As the name implies, the Realm of Torment (RoT) does not appear to be a happy place. No birds singing in the trees – in fact there is a distinct lack of flora and fauna in general. Except for various..tormenting…creatures. In RoT there are a number of different areas with exiciting names such as “Gate of Pain”, “Gate of Madness” etc. Each area seem to have different conditions applied to everyone in the area. This can for example be that one takes damage whenever a skill is used, energy consumption is higher than normal, healing is less effective etc.

Although progress was not without problem I still managed to make progress, at least until I got to the Gate of Madness mission. So far the major problem here has been to learn the movement patterns for the different mob groups – more than one group has lead to a wipe, or enough death penalty to get a wipe later. More real players would likely make this one easier.

On the other world-saving front I have managed to convince the Asura to help, to get the Norn excited about doing Destroyed hunting and rescued the Ebon Vanguard from the Charr and helped with resolving Charr internal affairs.

The plan was now to strike at the source of the Destroyers and their Big Kahuna – the Great Destroyer. However, the dwarves insisted on that the support of the Great Dwarf was needed also and the first task was then to get the Hammer of the Great Dwarf to help in the fight.

So down into the mountain we went, all relatively easy – until hammer pick-up time. Here a big fiery worm named Cyndr The Mountainheart had some objections. The local dwarf guide we had with us suggested using some of his powder kegs to break down Cyndr’s armor. However, applying the kegs met with objections from Cyndr, resulting in pretty much instant death. Through disease and life stealing the health was brought down a bit though, but since most of the team members were already dead at that point it was not enough actually reduce it more permanently.

So back for some skill and team set-up adjustment. I have not gone back there yet, but have done some adjustments based on skills I have or could obtain, as well as going through some of my heroes’ skills more also. Not been back yet after that, but I am looking forward to try it out and see if it works better than the first time.

On an entirely separate note, the Tuesday Noob Club get-together this week ended up with doing a challenge mission. While I had seen that there were something called Challenge Missions, I had not reflected over what these were. TNC went to Dajkah Inlet, an outpost on the Kournan coast from which one of the challenge missions.

This particular challenge mission pretty much involved neutralising as many corsairs as possible in three guild areas, during a limited amount of time – I think it started at 10 minutes. If the cirsair Guild Lord is killed in one guild area then 1 minute is added to the time and a portal opens for transports to the next guild area. When the third guild area is completed it goes back to the first area again.

One of the rewards one can get from doing the mission is to get Elite Sunspear armor for some of your heroes.

We ran this mission a few times and each time we did slightly better. The best result we had was at 14th place on the daily record list, with 119 kills. Since the time typically ran out on the 2nd iteration of the first guild area that meant that we played for 13 minutes – or a bit more than 9 corsairs neutralised per minute.

This was however very far from the numbers seen by the top players – in particular when looking at monthly and quarterly results. Those people probably have turned this into a fine art. Still quite fun and enjoyable, plus that I got elite armor for 3 of my heroes. A good evening of play.

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  1. coppertopper
    August 31, 2008 at 02:18

    really enjoying this series on GW! I own it but am still to have a max character or finish the original campaign, so reading up on your adventures fills me in on what I’m missing. Are you still enjoying playing as far in as you’ve gone? I’m such a loot whore that sometimes just the limit on armor/weap variety prevents me from firing it up. But your example of the repeatable mission to upgrade your Heroes armor was interesting! Keep up this informative blog please!

  2. sente
    August 31, 2008 at 10:15

    I do enjoy playing the game.

    Although I think some parts of quests/missions/dungeons has been a bit more about just working through a number of mobs to get to a certain point. But some of the others have been very nice on the other hand, with puzzle solving and more story progression.

    In addition to the Nightfall and Eye of the North stories I have played a bit of Factions and Prophecies, but not much yet and no character at max level there. However, I do feel that I want to complete at least one of the stories soon.

    I suspect I might play somewhat less regularly once all the stories are completed, but that remains to be seen. Reaching any top scores in any of the various competitive game elements (various PvP, challenge missions etc) or capture all the fancy titles (vanquisher, survivor etc) is not that interesting to me. Fun to dabble a bit with from time to time certainly, but not spend a lot of time and effort on it.

  3. September 2, 2008 at 17:19

    I’m such a loot whore that sometimes just the limit on armor/weap variety prevents me from firing it up

    Yet, it does exist. What is unique is GW does it a little different. And thanks to the salvage tool kit, it becomes fun to try and make the right type of weapon you wish to have.
    As to armor, there are so many prestige sets, that I have yet to get them all.
    I have only 2 sets right now.

    For weapons, it becomes a search for the type of weapon that looks cool. Then creating a neat weapon for use.
    The salvage kit allows me to rip staff heads, staff wraps, sword hilts, focus gear…SO MUCH. Then I can take these and create my weapon of choice.
    I have a sword with a vampiric hilt, that has + health, and a damage modifier inscription…
    A staff that gives me extra energy when enchanted, and increases fire damage, and +15 energy to boot.
    And lets not even forget the green boss weapons with names…hehe

    YOU create the loot out of what is found and is what makes this unique compared to most games of kill and loot…
    Go here to see what is possible, look at the bottom to see the possibilities.
    Weapons and Upgrades

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