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Saving the world on two fronts

August 31, 2008 3 comments

On one front, the evil god Abaddon is trying to break free into our world, destroying all we hold dear.

On another front the Destroyers are popping up to do a similar things, perhaps not putting the world into Torment, but certainly eradicating life as we know it.

And destined to solve both problems is your truly of course, or at least my necromancer.

There has been some progress with the Nightfall campaign and I did defeat Varesh of Kourna – she did put up a good fight. However, she has just been a pawn for Abaddon and actually dealing with a god might be a bit more of a problem than a human, even a powerful one like Varesh. This led to a rather quick decision to travel to the Realm of Torment. The decision was so quick that there was not really any option…

A happy joyful place, Realm of Torment

A happy joyful place, Realm of Torment

As the name implies, the Realm of Torment (RoT) does not appear to be a happy place. No birds singing in the trees – in fact there is a distinct lack of flora and fauna in general. Except for various..tormenting…creatures. In RoT there are a number of different areas with exiciting names such as “Gate of Pain”, “Gate of Madness” etc. Each area seem to have different conditions applied to everyone in the area. This can for example be that one takes damage whenever a skill is used, energy consumption is higher than normal, healing is less effective etc.

Although progress was not without problem I still managed to make progress, at least until I got to the Gate of Madness mission. So far the major problem here has been to learn the movement patterns for the different mob groups – more than one group has lead to a wipe, or enough death penalty to get a wipe later. More real players would likely make this one easier.

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