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Full time Architect

August 26, 2008 2 comments

NCSoft has recently announced the feature set for the next update of City of Heroes/Villains, Issue 13: Architect.The Architect title is realted to the mission designer tool that will be included in this issue, where people can design their own missions and story arcs.

I am quite excited by this feature; playing around creating missions is something I am looking forward to. I am a bit surprised also, I thought the mission designer would perhaps a few issues away when I first heard of it. That it is included already in the next issue is a pleasant surprise!

My real life job has “architect” in its title, so this means I will be an architect both at work and at home…;)

They also introduce the concept of a “day job”, something your character does when you are offline. Not sure if it just means one might get some more titles and badges automatically, or if there is something more to it. A real secret identity seems to be something they at least have considered and perhaps will be included in the future.

Some new powersets for corruptors and masterminds are also included, plus the ability to use shields. Since they introduced shields for the Roman NPCs in issue 12 it is reasonably logical that players will get those as well.

More missions in Cimerora are also added – that is certainly needed; somewhat lacking is a diplomatic description of the current state.

There also seems to be some measures to adress farming and some excessive prices at the consignment house with the merit award system. Essentially it seems that various activities will give “merits”, which can be used as currency to buy various items (recipes, costume pieces etc). Sounds a bit like the Prestige system in Tabula Rasa.

Overall it sounds like a quite nice issue. Given that they have announced the features now, my guess is that the issue will go live in about 2-3 months.

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