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An alternate WoW

August 25, 2008 13 comments

What if there was a World of Warcraft where the amount of content was the same as today, but the max level was somewhere around 20-25? E.g. when a Horde player hit Barrens and completed the quests there, he/she would be at max level.

From there on every mob, every dungeon would have enemies typically level 20-something, with big bosses perhaps into the 30s.

Weapons and armor would have various stats, but with smaller differences than this reality’s WoW. The stats could also be moved around with some work and you could obtain stat modifiers separately.

Only a subset of skills would be available when the max level were reached, but you could earn more and better skills through quests or indirectly through rewards that allowed you to buy more skills (i.e. rewards + money would be needed).

In this alternate WoW the end game would just be about raiding – in fact, almost the whole game would be the “end game”.

Would you play an alternate WoW like that? Would you stick with it? What do you think the guild structure and the community would be like?

This is just a thought experiment combining WoW’s content with some of the game mechanics of another game by some ex-Warcraft developers. Would a game like that have been developed with a different Blizzard?