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Hidden cities, Blasphemy and Wurms

August 24, 2008

Continuing my necromancer adventures to stop Nightfall and work out business with the Vabbi princes, she got a clue from one of the employees of the princes, Goran. Goran is not the brightest fellow, but he has his moments though. He clued us in on a hidden city where the princes were hiding.

Goran did help with getting into the city itself, but the local djinns protecting the princes were not as easy to negotiate with. Not only did they tend to be somewhat hostile, they also forced us to complete three trials to even have a chance at getting close to the princes. In addition to the creatures involved in the trials, the area was also filled with hostile groups of djinns, as well as some fire and ice traps which could kill the less careful adventurers.

The first trial basically was a matter of defeating 6 djinns, each which put a negative effect on the party until they were defeated.

The second trial was a matter of answering a number of questions related to the gods – knowing a bit of the lore here certainly helps. Each question had a multiple choice answer; if the answer was incorrect a group of hostile djinns appeared.

The third trial was a matematical problem; just some basic math skills are involved. You will know if you have found the correct solution pattern – all possible answers will make sense and they are all correct. Again, angry djinns will appear if you try an incorrect answer.

After completing it is time to meet the princes – almost. 3 djinn level 28 bosses are the last obstacle before meeting the princes, which of course have to be defeated. 3 djinns later, it was time to talk some sense into the princes.

As a necromancer who to some extent relies on reanimated corpse creatures to do the fighting, encountering djinns was a less pleasant experience. Djinns are spirits and us necros cannot reanimate those – so most of the mission was without minons.

Getting the princes to understand the severity of the situation was not difficult, but the Dark Side was moving forward and thewy did commit some atrocities. While not trying to reveal too much, this lead to take on the demon The Blasphemy and his Margonite minions and stop them from taking control of the Altar of Lyssa.

This turned out to be a quite hectic fight and it took me a while to understand how it worked. Not only do one have to defeat Blasphemy and the minions, one has to do that pretty fast and with some strategy, since it also involves capturing some locations as well – which can be recaptured by the enemy. The Blasphemy himself is very easy to kill, but one will end up killing him a lot of times.

Even thogh I did use some non-family friendly words at times during the mission, I must say that I did enjoy the experience in the end. I will get back there some point later to aim for completing the mission with master award later – the amount of time spent determines the level of the award.

The story moves on and there is a time to choose a path again, either following the visions of fellow hero Melonni about her home village, or Koss’ more pragmatic view of matters. I choose to go with Melonni, which ended up with some fighting of demonic creatures and Margonites. After saving the village, it was time to head after the big kahuna, Varesh.

Unfortunately this involved crossing the Desolation region and the Sulfurous Haze, a desert area which is just as hospitable as the name implies. Empirical studies indicated a quick death for most living creatures that stepped into it.

Upper part of Queen Aijundu

Upper part of Queen Aijundu

Undead creatures is another matter though, and although yours truly do dead with undeath quite regularly in the necromancer role, becoming one was not an attractive prospect.

However, our sunspear boss Kormir gave some hints on engaging an old undead Advisor who had some prior experience with transporting living things across the area. The Advisor’s previous engagements were in conflict with some of the party members’ ancestors though, which lead to some heated discussions.

The Advisor pointed to the native fauna of the region, the junundu wurms. Being able to control them would allow the party members to travel across the haze. Of course, it was not just a matter of walking in to the local Hertz store and rent a junundu; it involved some persuassion of the local junundu ruler.

Jujundu ride in the sulfurous haze

Jujundu ride in the sulfurous haze

Once this was accomplished it was time to take a ride in some summoned junundus. The transport was not without violence, but fortunately it was possible to control the junundu while travelling, just as if it was your own character.

The junundus have clearly been inspired by the sand worms in Dune (by Frank Herbet). They are much much smaller than the Dune worms, but the relationship is obvious. Again, this was a quite enjoyable mission.

Wurms munching on margonites

Wurms munching on margonites

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  1. August 25, 2008 at 12:44

    I never really enjoyed the Junundu missions. There was something about traveling through miles of toxic desert in the mouth of a giant worm, that just didn’t do it for me =P

  2. August 25, 2008 at 15:02

    Oh brother…Poison fields? Forever? (sorry, bad pun)
    I have not gotten this far yet, thanks to doing some EoTN stuff.
    Are you all minion based or do you have some drain skills? The wife tries to balance this out due to that very issue you ran into.
    Not fun.

    Anyways, glad to hear you made it…enjoy!

  3. sente
    August 25, 2008 at 18:23

    If there are more missions than this one doing the same junundu ride it might be a bit too much at some point I guess. Right now I have only done one mission with them.

    There is an elite junundu skill in the skill bar that was not available – not sure how you would unlock that one.

    The build I am using currently is the following

    1. Animate Vampiric Horror
    2. Animate Shambling Horror
    3. Well of Blood
    4. Vampiric Gaze
    5. Rotting Flesh
    6. Reaper’s Mark
    7. Spirit Shackles
    8. Blood of the Master

    This is a bit more minion-oriented build than I had before. I recently replaced Deahtly Swarm, Life Siphon and Ether Feast with Animate Vampiric Horror, Rotting Flesh and Blood of the Master.

    Reaper’s Mark is quite nice. Rotting Flesh and Spirit Shackles are also nice, but with long casting times they do get interrupted from time to time.

  4. August 26, 2008 at 15:31

    Have you saved “Templates”? This way you can switch between sets to test.
    You should see a disk like icon in the upper left. Click on that, save your skill set, then make another set, save it. Then see how this works for you.
    You can switch between them. I have 4 on my Ele so far.

    Good luck

  5. sente
    August 26, 2008 at 17:30

    Yeah, I know about the templates, although I do not save every combination I try – only after I played one for a while.

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