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Hidden cities, Blasphemy and Wurms

August 24, 2008 5 comments

Continuing my necromancer adventures to stop Nightfall and work out business with the Vabbi princes, she got a clue from one of the employees of the princes, Goran. Goran is not the brightest fellow, but he has his moments though. He clued us in on a hidden city where the princes were hiding.

Goran did help with getting into the city itself, but the local djinns protecting the princes were not as easy to negotiate with. Not only did they tend to be somewhat hostile, they also forced us to complete three trials to even have a chance at getting close to the princes. In addition to the creatures involved in the trials, the area was also filled with hostile groups of djinns, as well as some fire and ice traps which could kill the less careful adventurers.

The first trial basically was a matter of defeating 6 djinns, each which put a negative effect on the party until they were defeated.

The second trial was a matter of answering a number of questions related to the gods – knowing a bit of the lore here certainly helps. Each question had a multiple choice answer; if the answer was incorrect a group of hostile djinns appeared.

The third trial was a matematical problem; just some basic math skills are involved. You will know if you have found the correct solution pattern – all possible answers will make sense and they are all correct. Again, angry djinns will appear if you try an incorrect answer.

After completing it is time to meet the princes – almost. 3 djinn level 28 bosses are the last obstacle before meeting the princes, which of course have to be defeated. 3 djinns later, it was time to talk some sense into the princes.

As a necromancer who to some extent relies on reanimated corpse creatures to do the fighting, encountering djinns was a less pleasant experience. Djinns are spirits and us necros cannot reanimate those – so most of the mission was without minons.

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